My Name Is Khan

A film that I watched last few weeks. I got it from my colleagues whom happened to download it for his wife. So, after the last youtube-browsing hindi movie that I watched ; Kites and 3 Ididots (Well, I watched 3 idiots again after I got the clearer movie file from this same friend), I was really looking forward to watch My Name is Khan.

The only thing I know about this movie was the main actor is Shah Rukh Khan. Well, he's Khan afterall. The story is about a boy named Rizvan Khan who has Asperger's syndrome and is a bit different than normal boys. His Mom took care of him in the finest way she could do. They are muslim people or the Hindi would say Musalman.

When his mother died, Khan was brought to US by his brother. He's been asked by his brother to be the sale person of his beauty product and when Khan was trying to sell it out, he met Mandira. A hindu woman. Khan was so into her. He played with her son (Mandira is a divorcee) and after showing a place that Mandira never see in her own town, they get married.

They lived in a neighbourhood peacefully with white guys. But the 9/11 attack started to crush the peacefulness. Muslim were being targetted by the american citizen and Khan's step-son was being picked on. In a tragedy of his son being picked on, he died. Mandira was so depressed on the loss of her son and even angrier when she got to know that her son was killed.

Out of that emotional breakdown, she blamed it to Khan saying because the Khan name, her son was targeted. She chased away Khan and when Khan asked till when, Mandira said "till you tell the President you are not a terrorist".

Khan was a special guy and just follow bluntly the request. That was the story about. How the Khan started his journey to meet the President of the United States just to tell him that his name is Khan and he's not a terrorist. But the road towards that 'impossible request' brought him to lots of experiences.

The only part which is irony to me is the part Shah Rukh Khan was a pious guy in this movie. He even performed his prayer no matter where the place is when the fact that this real Khan was once proud that the only time he prayed was during his Mom's Solat Jenazah. But who knows if this would bring hidayah to him??

You better watch this story. A nice story to tell people of the world how Islam is a religion of love. Rather than raising your voice saying how mad you are when Israelis attacked the Palestine, how they condemned our Rasulullah and then made a movie "Aku masih dara" or "Haru Biru" (motif?). Directed by Karan Johar. It's a movie that you must watch.


Masy said…
aku tgk kat panggung cite ni. mmg meremang bulu tengkuk. sgt berbaloi!
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
apasal setiap kli aku dtg tmpt ko ni, ada malicious katanya

org lain tak kena ke??

Ku Tak Sempurna said…
aku tolong copy apa amarannya .

warning : something's not right here! contains content from bla bla bla bla bla

cuba ko buang dulu dr bloglist ko

risau aku. dr aritu.
Khadijaimi Imas said…
yang aku x faham..masa die tolong mama jenny kt church mase taufan tuh.. kenapa perlu ramai2 sukarelawan g sana..ape salahnye bwk bot ke, heli ke angkut org dlm church ke tempat yg selamat..bukan ramai pun dlm, church tuh kn dh nk runtuh..kan?kan?
HEMY said…
oo..tgok dlm panggung mst lg syok

kalu guna google chrome je dpt warning tu. akudh remove tadi baru remove follow blog..cer try

khadijaimi, lama tak jumpe. Orang sana lain dari org kita...dlm citer tu aku paham, krjaan pusat mmg tak bagi bantuan nak evacuate ke apa...

so diorg kena rebuild sendiri
Mr PenyuBiru said…
aku mmg takde hati nak tgk citer ni, tapi bila baca review ko ni, perasaan aku teruja plak nak layan.nnt aku dunlod.