I've completed my e-BE on Friday!!


Like always, even if I were to make a fuss about how the late comers parked as they like and emerged out from the mosque like nothing happened and causing the flow of the traffic cramped up, nothing will change and I'd probably just gonna get some bad marks from the angel.


My sister in-law and her hubby were at my place last night. My house was honored as the pit stop before they continue their journey towards Johor. We just hope you guys enjoyed your tenure last night, feeling fresh for your trip and pleased with our hospitality. We had a nice dinner together and hope we will have the chance for our next meal =].

I've just completed my e-BE form just now. Got my EA form from my colleague and luckily, one good thing about having the same internet password for most of your account is not forgetting your e-tax password too =]. I'm exempted from the tax again this year. Why? I have 3K for the personal computer exemption, RM200 for the books (Reader's Digest subscription and some other magazines), RM300 for the sport (my tennis racquet), my zakat fitrah, my insurance, my broadband subscription and the PCB that I've already paid in advance when I received my bonus.  So at the end, I have 'lebihan bayaran cukai' of RM7.53 =].

I also got a call from EON Bank during my way back from the mosque;

Assalamualaikum En. Hasnul, I'm from EONBank and thanks for still using our card and happy belated birthday. We have a gift for you for your special birthday~~~ Tadaaa!!! A free insurance based on your saving that will be charged in your bill every end of the month.

Hahahaha!! What the hell!! Better give me RM30 fuel rebate pn dh cukup for me to say thanks. But you ask me to pay for my insurance specially for my birthday?? Hahahahaa!!! How pathetic~~


ridzuan said…
Selalu gitu

call kunun offer sebab how loyal u are with their company.. pastu sebagai hadiah bagi insurance tapi charge kat kad kredit


so selalu klu ade call gini,, tanye pulak free ke tak , semedang aku kate bz! hahaha