It's just about to begin


Done with my Anniversary Fraser Hill trip entries. I had a fun time editing some of the pictures I took there and still trying to take better pictures in the future. I was so inspired during my trip by some of the professional photographers like Yuri Arcurs and even Ustaz Azhar Idrus from his Digital Mukmin web. I know the pictures in Digital Mukmin are mostly have been given an editing touch, so that would be my next thing to explore - The Art of Refining.

When you are aiming for something new, something to improvise..whatever daily things that you've done all this while will look more interesting and the passion is somehow rejuvenated in a new spirit like never before!!


If I could count correctly, this week should be the 9th week Cembam is carrying something inside her belly. That tiny flesh is is evolving and getting bigger. I once learned about the cycle of a human. I still remeber zygote, embrio, fetus, janin but not really sure anymore which comes after which.

Having something which is not originally there in your body is not something that only brings you happiness. It comes in package with a nausea, sensitive nose, dizzy head and aching body. After our last check-up that confirmed it last 2 weeks, Cembam is getting hold of herself really great. Yah, she would feel the nauseousness once in a while, but she only vomited once for real. 

Apart of her aching body, heavy muscle and everything, she still manage to cook for me. She were saying something about the smell in the kitchen, so the least I could do is to buy her the odor eliminator and to my amazement, that bubbly round gels really do a miracle. I don't smell anything uneasy when I walk into the kitchen and that helps Cembam in a very nice way too.

So far, I'm proud with Cembam. Less complaint, and the morning sickness appears to be in a very minimum impact. Her belly seems to be growing a bit bigger but not from the zygote, but from the Roti John, Soya drink and steamed corn. Ahahaha!!!


zonaku said…
good for her.....

all d best for both er, three of you
Masy said…
ok la tu kot.. bole buat keje lg, ada selera makan :) kebanyakan yg aku dgr,awal2 ni laa yg ramai lembik (bkn saje2 laa nk lembik). so, gud for her, lucky u. hehehe
HEMY said…

tu la masy..untung aku
syah shah said…
alhamdulillah laa cembam ok je tu... akak aku dulu masa pregnen Imran, dari hari pertama sampai hari nak bersalin tak lalu makan... sampai kena marah dengan doktor sebab berat naik sikiiiiitttt sangat... haha~ :P