How you can play with your photo's tone feat. Nahdan Fitri

It's 1:47 A.M and I just didn't fell sleepy yet. Just transferred my Malacca trip picture last weekend and this adorable little fella is the first one that caught my eyes from all those thumbnails. It was taken in the homestay house with the orange walls. The lighting will be more warm or orange-like when you snap your photo without using any flash. It's normal. But sometimes this warm tone is not what you are looking for.

A simple tweak can transform your picture to the tone that you desire. You just need to have the right software and it's actually easier than how it looks. Below is the original shot of Nahdan Fitri here. See the warm tone excessively caused by the wall's colour of the house.


Some might prefer the one with the warm tone. But my style of photography is more on high-key. I like my portrait 'whiter' and brighter. So I tweak the portrait to the other version I love more below.

Nahdan Fitri

Magazine-look pictures are mostly shot in the white-room. I don't have one, so I just do it my own way. I love white-touch and a bright picture like this one. It looks personally neater. 

For new Memuah DSLR owners; Bella and Jard - You will have your own style of photographs later when you've already accustomed to your gear, your shots and your way of seeing art. But if you happened to like it just how I do, you can do it in a simple steps.

1. Of course you need to have your own editing software. I use PS
2. Look for photo filter in your software. For PS, if I'm not mistaken it's Image->Adjustment->Photo Filter.
3. Take a blue filter and slide as you like and then add the green one and play with the slider to get the tone that you need.

There's also the way you can set your PS to treat the file as RAW file in your preferences. That way, whenever you are about to open an image in your PS, it will goes to the first step with a popup window where there are almost everything that you need. There are sliders of brightness, contrast, tint, temperature, saturation and lost more. You just need to adjust them as you like, open it and save. A way better option to have it edited on your own from scratch. And saves time too.

Try it yourselves!!!