Fraser Hills - Silverpark Resort - Old English-style buildings

We reached Silverpark Resort around 12 noon after 2 hours dizzy drive going up the hill and when we arrived, it was just nicely the time for the cars to go up. There's a schedule for the cars to go up and coming down due to the narrow road. After the payment and the key collection, we headed to our room and it was so vast~~~ It should suffice to accommodate my entire family of 10!! Huhu. It has it's own kitchen too!!


As of our travel theme is nice and easy, we just had a nap first right after we arrived to sooth our dizziness and woke up around 2.15. After prayer we headed out and asked for a map from the receptionist but they've already ran out of them. We had to ask from Puncak Inn at the City Center (that's what they call it). Then we asked for the nearest foodcourt.


We didn't really check out the stalls and just dined in at one that has nasi campur. We spotted some squids left and decided to have them. I took 4 squids around 3-inches each and Cembam did the same. I took ikan masin and no veggies. Kopi-O and Teh panas - that cost us RM25!! Hahaharam tol. Yaa..I know squid might be costy at a place like that. But takkan a piece costs around RM1.50 kot. We banned this shop, here I even take the picture of it for your reference. Hahaha. Mahal gileee!!!



Right after we had our stomach full, waited for the drizzling to cease and even sempat melabur kat tandas awam dia, we headed to our first stop, The Allan's Water. We just go je. We used the map and stopped at every place we saw in the map. Rupanya here at Allan's water you can play the apakevende-ntah-kayuh-dlm-air tu. I asked Cembam if she wanted to have a go and she replied "ntah..tak kisah". Aku pantang skit jawapan tak kisah ni. So tak naik lah. I said "we ride it at Genting je lah".


So we just take pictures of other people playing it. Lagipun it was just for 15 minutes. Aku kalau dah naik alang-alang explore the whole area. Bigger that Genting's lake la definitely.


And then we just had our photoshoot je. Cembam had to be the model. Lagipun I have to capture her slim nice sexy body while it lasts. Maklumla pasni of course she will be bigger. Ekekekeke~~~


While we were taking pictures aroung this walkway, I recited surah Kursi gak just in case. The place is kinda bushy and macam hutan. Taknak la kota ada makhluk halus terkenan ngan anak dlam kandugan tu kan. So I was just being cautious. Hehe.


This shot was taken at a different place. No name. We were just driving past the underutilized tennis court and the Pahang Sultan Palace and I saw those steps as a nice composition for a shot. Cembam thought it was a railway. Errr..I don't think so. Again, Cembam was the only model I have. Ekekeke. I think those steps lead to a bird-watching sanctuary or something.


Then we stopped at an english style house. I think it used to be a place to stay. We just stopped to take some pictures with the house as the background. Well actually I was hoping something else would appear in any of my shots around this old buildings..ekekeke. But nothing so far. Haha.

That first day of our stay, we discovered 2 things;

1. Most of the visitors are Indians. I'm not sure the history of Fraser Hills. Does it has something to do with Indian culture? Were the people who lived in these english-style houses and cottages Indian? Please don't get me wrong yah. This is not racist thought. I just want to know if there's any significant history that makes Indian to come to this place other than the bird-watchers.

2. Most of things you could see or adore here are just the old houses with an english-style bricks and architecture. I could see a strawberry garden in the map just to discover that it doesn't exist anymore. The flower garden is now just like a place where you could shoot scary movies. They were not maintained at all.

Hmm..These are pictures I managed to upload. Will continue in my next entry. Chiao~~ Lunch time!!


Erina Asmawani said…
bilik tu..niceeeeeeeee!! cantiknya..besar lak tu..ley guleng2 lagi..bape tu 1 malam?

tapi makanan tu..not nicee!!!
gila mahal..rm25!! tapi tula kan..tmpat2 terpencil cenggini..amik plak seafood, mebi mahal la kan..susah nak mencariknya. Kalo lauk stoberi mesti murah..haha..

ok, aku x penah g lagi fraser hill ni, nnati bg pendapat sini ke bukit tiggi lagi best ok :)
❀aRaBeLLa❀ said…
mahal gilers wehh..better makan goreng2 je camtuh..weh tak amik gambor kat menara jam tu ke?
zonaku said…

more pics please
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
mungkin dorg tak maintain btul2 kot tempat ni....kalau btul2, mesti cantik...kos yg tinggi kot.
HEMY said…
harga biasa satu malam 155 gi website dia, setiap hari ada 1 bilik dia wat aku dapatrega 68 jeeee

menara jam next entry bebeh..tuh la..aku mmg bajet mahal skit tp takde la smpi 25 hengget

zonau..sabar ye..ekeke

Fiza..mmg tak maintain sangat lah..attraction dia pn tak seberapa
Masy said…
eh kire ok la kan bilik beso gitu rege gitu. aku kan nk gi bln 5 sok, bole la sajes tempat ni. YES!!

ok sambung2.
Pocket said…
oh oh!!
lagi lagi orang gi jalan jalan!!
pocket gak yg tak jalan jalan...

beb!!maner nak cari sotong atas buket? hence the mahal pricing kot :D

tips utk orang yg jalan jalan.
sila bawak maggi in cup...
buleh jgak wat mengadap dikala sesak.. cuma tuangkan air panas :D heheheh
hmm x pernah naik sini...x teringin nak pegi...x tahu ler best ker x..nampak mcm boring skett ehhh...tapi rega tu sangat mengujakan...murahh gilerrr...jomm jjcm kat vlog azue..plakkk