Fraser Hill is next~~~

Been busy lately doing an enhancement request to the existing program and process to ensure our life would be much easier onwards. But the route towards the successful implementation of it would mean a rough road of discussion, deep analysis, risk assessment, dare to make decision and the pressure to complete it on time. This is the world of consultancy =]

.........Poyo skit bunyi dia.

Blogging agak hambar for the past few weeks. My readers pun nampak semakin kurang. Huhu. Well, this blog could not even compare it's number of visitors a week with some other blog's daily visitor pn. Mwaahahaa!!! Like I care coz I don't blog to get readers. Having one is just a bonus. Eh macam nk quote jugak this paragraph. Ahahaha!!

I'm in the middle of surveying Fraser Hills' available hotels coz we are planning to have our first anniversary surrounded by the green view and a cold fresh air. It doesn't have to be filled with activities. We just need it to be a nice surrounding with tonnes of memorable picture that could be produced from such picturesque moments. Ahhh~~~ I'm imagining the day already

Well, for the past 3 days, I've been looking for the hotels, resorts and homestays around the Fraser Hill's area. And as I have Agoda account for my Cameron Highland Honeymoon stay last year, I was using it as the main reference. But today this idea to check in the resort's own website knocking on my brain and I hurriedly googled the website.

Rightaway I spotted the promo package. They have 1 room for every day and I was lucky. But even before I made the reservation, I called the place first asking on how the dinner would be, the room and etc. Satisfied with the answer, I made a book with my magic card yet again and Fraser Hill!! Here we come bebeh!!!

I will surely take better picture for this. Can't wait!! Aima jom honeymoon situ. Ask Mr Jack!! GO Go!!


❀aRaBeLLa❀ said…
have fun!! wajib amik gambor kat jam tuh..hehe
syah shah said…
peh fraser's hill... ko hanimun bile wei? tetiba gwe lupa plak... hahahah :P :P

tetiba rasa nak beli dslr pulaks~~ isk...
HEMY said…
gambar jam cm gmbar kat cameron la plak

syahshah :beli la satu..jard beli dah..ekeke
syah shah said…
aku tengah menyimpan untuk downpayment umah... dslr adelah kemahuan, bukan keperluan, jadi kupendamkan ajelah niat suci tu... tunggu ada duit extra banyakkkkk~~~ Hihihihihih :P :P
Masy said…
aku pun pi sane bln 5 nanti. hanimun la jgk kirenya hahahahaha