The first year of Najmi, my godson

>> Thursday, March 3, 2011

Before one of my best friend delivered her first daughter last 25th February,I managed to pay her a visit. Cembam and I were visiting my dad last 2 weekends and during the way back to KL, we stopped at my friend's house.

She was waiting for the 'calling'. The path has already opened 2CM when asked her that day. Due to quite numbers of admitted pregnancy case way even from Tanjung Karang, those who lives nearby like my friend will be asked to go home first. They need to prioritize the room to those living farther. Sungai Buloh Hospital sure knows how to direct the 'traffic'.

Their first son, Najmi has grown up a bit more then the last time we met them during Hari Raya. We bought a pair of singlet and short pant for him from Hong Kong but never able to pay a visit until then. Picture above when I first met Najmi. He was less than a month.

This was the 2nd time at Plaza Alam Sentral. He was around 2 months. His hair has grown pretty much and we realized that his 'ubun' is located a bit different than the rest of us. So my friend has a little bit difficulty to comb Najmi's hair properly. The hair need to be a bit more longer to be combed nicely. Hehe

This was during Hari Raya if I'm not mistaken. It was when we were driving towards Kuala Terengganu after spending couple of Hari Raya days at my hometown.

Najmi was just starting to learn how to walk at this time. Terduduk couple of times and he crawled like a gorilla baby without using his knee..ekekke.. so funny and adorable.


And this is the latest picture of Nora,s and Jimmy's hero. Hehehe. The hair has grown longer and they can be combed nicely. Thankfully the singlet that we bought for him is stil bigger than the one he was wearing here. So can still be wore. Hehehe!!

Ya ya..I know..bila lagi our time kan?? has been 2 months of us living together. Let us just wait yah..ekekeke~~~~ Miss you Najmi. Take care of your new sister Nurzaara elok-elok ek. Jangan buli adik tauuu!!!


PnConfused March 3, 2011 at 11:40 AM  

ouuu.. byk dah rambut diaaaa....

sgt cumell!!!

syah shah March 3, 2011 at 12:27 PM  

gaahhh geram je aku nengokkan muka melopong dia nih... rasa nak gigit-gigit... hahahahah :P :P

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