Can I control my dream?

I was riding my bicycle somewhere along a road which I didn't know where it leads me to. With me was my little brother and my little sister. But I didn't really spot which sister she was. 

Out of sudden, we were running when my brother shrieked and stopped running.

" me!! Look at my foot!!!", my brother cried out loud pointing to his left foot.

His left foot was damaged. It was torn in two horizontally. It looks like a foot that has just stepped on an exploded land mine. I was so panic when I looked at his foot. My brother was crying. My mind was racing back to the memory of him getting his foot stuck between the 'jari-jari' of my bicycle 15 years ago.

" hurts. I can't run anymore...abangggg~".My brother continued to cry.

It hurt me having to listen to his painful cry. But at that point of time, I started to realize that there's no way my brother would be that little anymore. He's a captain of the army division with a muscular body even a gay would fall for him. Right at that spot, I knew that it was just a dream.

"Am. Don'tcry.Don't worry..this is just a dream~~~. In a dream, everything is possible!! Try to imagine your foot back to normal. Try it Am.This is just a dream!!"

I asked my brother inside that dream of mine. My brother stood still and closed his eyes trying. But the foot remained the same. 

I then tried myself to 'repair' his leg. I was closing my eyes, imagining that my little brother's foot is OK again and I can feel it in my sleep how I tried to alter my dream. I opened my eyes and I saw that my brother's foot was back to normal.

"Yeaaaa..see Am. It's back to normal!!!"

My brother wept his tears and smiled to me. Thanks abang Nul.

"Let's continue running then............"


Masy said…
dah mcm Inception lak hah bole alter2 mimpi heheheheh
HEMY said…
believe it or not..hehe