Pusat Konservasi Gajah Nasional, Lanchang - Lanchang Elephant Sanctuary

After the visit to Deerland Park, some of us collected the booked ticket for our next spot - Elephant Sanctuary. There are 2 types of stickers. The red one is for normal visiting, walking strolling and etc. The yellow stickers are for extra access like riding the elephant and bathing with them. 

We headed back to Wafa's house as she is having her housewarming (I was the last person to know about it). Aima, Montok, Chucky and Keri were indeed a big help right Wafa. Me, on the other hand was soundly having my siesta next to my wife. Hahaha. My eyes felt so heavy during the entire trip. I was also driving with the cars looking like in a slow motion mode. Sorry bout that yah. But I helped with eating them.

The dishes were soooo niceee!!! I love the marinated chicken, the chocolate cake and the caramel cheese!! so nyummy!!! And after most of Wafa's invited people have came, we headed to the sanctuary around 2.30 P.M.

elephant sanctuary Lanchang

When we reached, the sound of a woman speaking through the 'hailer' filling up the sky of our maulud nabi day welcoming us while asking for donation every now and then. We parked and queued up like the rest of the visitors to get our first experience riding an elephant. The back of the elephants are not covered with anything. It's just a slice of clothes wrapping up your butt and that hard backbone and the hairy bod of the elephant.

Elephant Sanctuary Lanchang

elephant sanctuary

After queuing for a while, we were on the top of the big mammal having a 2 minutes or less ride circling the place.You can feel the elephant's muscle in every move it makes. Cembam managed to overcome the fear and I am so thankful to come with my friends coz for quite a while now, I have my own pictures!!! Thanks to Keri for the shots. Yeaaa!!!!

elephant sanctuary

Cembam didn't want to join. Whatever~~ When I wanted to take the picture of me, the elephant has already stood up and walked away.

elephant sanctuary

Another activity here is bathing with the elephant. When you ride the elephant just now, your yellow sticker will be torn to half. Another half is the token to ride the elephant. You will ride it just for 5 seconds, then the elephant will bring you down into the river. Cool huh!!

elephant sanctuary

You can just join up bathing the elephants and splashing water with the rest of the visitors.

elephant sanctuary

This is how the place looks like. After a while watching the bathing activity by the river, we headed home. I was originally planning to join the wet, but didn't feel worth it for that 5 seconds ride. Haahahaha!!! Furthermore, we have another plan to visit Bukit Tinggi.

elephant sanctuary

Ahh~~ this poster is for the Valentine's belated Day. Ahaks!!!

Stay tuned. Next is Bukit Tinggi!!


Masy said…
poster utk yg break up masa valentine bole laaa hahahahah masing2 mmbawa haluan tu!

aku rasa wafa yg snap pic ko tu kan? keri eh? KERIIIIIIII!! email laa kat aku!!
aim-a said…
wahhh!!!best arrr inglish anul.enjoy je bace.eh...gajah tgh wat project baik punya dlm sungai tu hang tak amik gmbr ek??hihihi

last pics mmg superb arr..i like. :D
+h.a.z.e.r.i.n+ said…
teringat kenangan dolu-dolu.

haha. cinta tak mengenal donashi yg terhempap badan gebu. naiiiss!!

kak masy, kita doakan ;P
Masy said…
reen, ko toksah nk doa bukan2 eh. cepuk kang!
k.e.r.i. said…
tu break up poster sesuai lah weh.

nice post & nice pics btw. :p
moment said…
msa nk snap gambo lastt u, ko siap tny aku kan?
"sesuai je dorg tu kan??"


*aku selaku 'bekas' k.e.r.i mengiyakan ajeee~