masjid ada bahasa isyarat - Masjid Bukit Tok Beng

Pic credit to Cikgu Tolahah

During the weekend in Ganu, I've had the time to perform Friday prayer at "BN mosque" (that's what the people they refer it). Usually went to Seberang Takir mosque with my FIL and Haikal. But this time Haikal suggested Bukit Tok Beng mosque this time. Originally I was first questioning in my mind why we don't just perform Friday prayer there as it's nearer to our place. But I got the answer on my own.

It's just like a normal mosque. My eyes are so fresh as I was just woke up from my nap before going there. It was when the khutbah started that I sensed something special about the mosque. Against one of the pillar at one corner of the mosque, a guy was sitting on a chair waving both of his hands doing some gestures. 

The guy was doing sign language and interpreting the khutbah addressed to us in a way that the special people that can't hear like us would understand the essence of what the Imam is trying to preach. Wow~~  A small gesture that took a huge effort to be done from my perspective. It's indeed a great thing to do by concerning how some of us sitting on that carpeted floor cannot hear the sermon like any normal guys. 

And the best part is by doing something to ensure that they could also 'hear'. 



Fiza Z. Abidin said…
kalau lah kat masjid lain di praktik kan macam ni kan :). masjid kat area KL ada ke macam ni, macam takde kan.
HEMY said…
tak tau.mungkin ada tapi kat masjid yang aku tak pi kot
baincardin said…
alhamdulillah....betapa indahnya Islam itu. :)
Masy said…
insyaallah byk pahala abg translator tu dpt..