Gambar Bukit Tinggi

Last night was like a cave era for us. We used to having the internet wifi access being bitchy at usually around 6-8P.M. Sometimes you were connected, but no internet access and sometimes you were not connected at all. We've been experiencing this issue around weeks but having the connection around 9 seems to still make us happy coz usually we've just had our dinner, performed our isyak prayer and it's the best time tu surf and getting higher spec power!!

But last night, I had to make the call. Dialled the TM helpdesk number, being on the phone for 8 minutes and at the end admitted by the guy that there's something wrong with our port. Well, based on my experience, for this kind of issue the technician needs to check our port around our area and sometimes will replace the port if the case is serious.

Well hopefully the problem is rectified for the sake of our smooth browsing..amen!!!

So last night, I managed to finalize some pictures of our last outing at Bukit Tinggi. Hehehehehe. I'm kinda intrigued to post it here but eventhough my head keep on saying we gonna upload it at the office and the pictures are all saved in my pendrive, the last thing I know was looking for it in my bag pocket and to no avail!!!

Yesss, I forgot to bring the pendrive. I swear that while getting ready, plugging out the pendrive from my PC's USB was the only thing other than getting the garbage out, that keeps on bouncing from my cerebrum to cerebellum. And yah, it was destined (dah ditakdirkan) that I would forget about it. Ahahahahaha!!!

It has been a while since I needed to bring my pictures to the office to be uploaded. I am so used to getting them uploaded straight from my PC at home. Hence, blame it to the streamyx connection yah!!! Ekekeke


Masy said…
yaaaaaaaaaaaa salah takdir, salah strimixxxx :p
Erina Asmawani said…
erghhh! tipah tertipu! dah semangat dah nak tgk pic bukit tinggi kte yang memmmmuah itu..
Anonymous said…
mane gambarrrrrrr!!*ngamuk*haha