Deerland Park Lanchang - Memuah escapade

February 15 - It's a maulidur Rasul holiday and it has been planned weeks ahead. It's another Memuah hang out, escapade or whatever you can call it. And this time I have my Cembam to tag along. Honestly I'm thrilled to spend the holiday with my wife and my friends. I was guessing that we could do more things that we could not do if we are just by ourselves. Something more hip and funk. I guess....

So after Subuh prayer, we got ready and hit the road. It didn't take hours on that cloudy day and even you add the minutes getting our slice of breakfast, it only took us an hour to reach Wafa's house at Lanchang. After we had another breakfast at Wafa's, we headed to our first spot - The Deerland Park.

deerland park

We needed to wait for a while outside coz the place only open at 10.30 A.M. We went inside after the RM7 per person has been purchased and started to feed the deers with keledek. When I shot Cembam and the rest feeding them with an "ieeeeeee" scream and a spontaneous latah, I didn't really think it would should I say, geli?

But when I was actually holding the keledek and trying to feed the deers..oh, geli skit mak nok. Actually we would be geli if the deer would grab the keledek and touches your fingers with the tip of it's mouth. Melatah mak nok. Wet and..geliii~~~.

deerland park

Left top - Wafa was feeding the deers
Left bottom - The fight of the territory
Right - The beauty of the wilderness

Deerland Park Lanchang

After satisfied watching the deers, we headed to the snake spot. But before reaching there, we took couple of minutes to feed some white fluffy chicken (If I'm not mistaken)

Ah, my last snake-wrapping-me moment was when I was 16 at Taiping Zoo. So, pretty thrilled to have it another go. When we saw that snake there was one thing that came across our mind - "Pernah tengok ular berak ke?". Ever heard of that one? Well if you watched Raja Lawak you should remember that crap comment from David Teoh. And yes we did get to see the python shit out his poo!!! So we are mature people now.

deerland park

Yeah that was me. The only cuak moment I had back there was to get my t-shirt wet and smelly. Hahaha. But it turned out to be OK. But the one I had wrapping me around at Taiping zoo was a lot bigger than this one.

Next is with the Sunbear. The black cute bear with a vicious claw that could face you off with a little friendly swing. It was crawling here and there the whole time until the staff said "meal time". We got to take pictures with Muda, the sunbear while he was so preoccupied with his meal - crunched biscuits and honey. Cembam didn't want to have the picture together =[.

Deerland Park

There we were. With Muda the black Sunbear. =]

It was a nice place to change your air a bit on your vacation place. But if you just hate the animal as much as you hate David Teoh sitting on the jury seat of Raja Lawak, then don't come.


Masy said…
yeahhh sgt suka pic dgn beruang ini! meeee likeyyyy

ekcely (ni aku la) bkn geli nk bg mkn sbb mulut dia basah ke ape, tp takut dia gigit tgn T___T sbb rakus giler je memasing, lapau nau la tu. mak serem uolsss
HEMY said…
tu yg terpaksa pegang jauh smpi last leher dia smpi...huhu..dia takkan gigit aku geliiii
PnConfused said…
ri tuh aku pi lai huat garden kat jitra nih...

semua hewan duk dlm kurungan..

tp seyes.. aku jalan bajet jauh2 dr sangkar dia, hatta hewan dlm tuh hanyalah seekor ayam....
Erina Asmawani said…
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa...best2!! gambar bebear sangat cumellll! i loike...more piccha plis ;)

x sabar nak buat entry..huhu
Erina Asmawani said…
itu burung puyuh la hemy..hehe
HEMY said…
pn confused, baik ko lawat KFC jeeee..ahahaha

Erina, ooo..puyuh ek..ekekeke..
Mr PenyuBiru said…
mana gambar ular berak tu? aku nak send kat david teoh. pahtu nak send sekali buah cempelak.haha..

btw,apsal muka ko cuak time pegang beruang tu.hehe
HEMY said…
penyu, aku takut aku dok genggam2 bulu itam dia tu tiba2 dia sauk muka aku smbil berkata "pedih ah tarik2 bulu gua"

moment said…
hemy! ko gi cabut bulu beruang tu gak ke? dah la bulu gajah ko cabut2 gak! gile bulu ko nih~ hahah
HEMY said…
aku main2 je la cabut bulu tu..gila kau..kalau gajah tu capai tengkuk aku dengan belalai dia aku cabut bulu, pastu dia slamdunk aku kat tanah...menjanda bini aku
moment said…
hahah memain ke.. aku igt bebtul! besungguh tul muka ko msa tu..huhu

*eh! pic bear tu, bapak melentik badan 'pakcik yg bajet konon bear tu dia punya'.. haha