When a person you adore, adores you back =]

Back then when I was just a normal handsome guy, with tonnes of things in my wishlist and the top one in the list at that point of time is to own my first DSLR camera. That first thing in my list was amplified ten folds when my own best friend bought a 400D and I had my first-hand experience handling that mean-machine and was struck in awed right after that.

I was reading a motivational that I got as a birthday present from one of my best friend "How to get from A to B". It's an inspiring book which most of the things written inside there are being practically practice by me till now. One of it is;

"to always imagine owning things that you really desire coz it will trigger your sub-conscious mind and without you even realize, your mind and soul will try to develop a way to achieve your goal"

I remember I would imitate myself holding a camera and taking pictures with my fingers and my friend would quote "fuhh..ada gaya beb" and I would reply, "sub-conscious mind beb..insyaAllah aku dapat satu hari nanti DSLR aku".

And not long after that I owned my D40 after lots of reading to finally decide to buy it. I created my flickr account and started to browse through some of the pictures inside there. Pictures taken by so many talented photographers and every one of them are sooo breathtaking and one of them that I stumbled upon during my first month of being a DSLR owner was this;

Screenshot from Fadzly@Shutterhack's flickr page =]

I commented the picture saying how nice if I could take that kind of picture and know how exactly to do it just like him. I was pretty awed with the picture. It looks soo nice and like a painting right?

After 2 years, I got a notification that somebody commented the same picture. (In flickr, you got notification if someone else commented the same picture that you previously commented on. Just like FB). So I went back to the picture after a while and commented a new one saying;

"masa aku mula2 tengok gambar ni, aku takde dslr lagi rasanya. skang dah ada..and aku macam dah dapat jugak shot macam ni. tp aku tak sempat edit cun2..."

I also left the link to my piture that I took at the KL Bird Park. After a while, when I checked my flickr account, the guy actually added me as a contact and commented on my version of the same parrot;

I'm touched. Something that was just a dream previously and something that is far to be reached and today the satisfaction of being acknowledged by the 'dream' is worth everything~~ =]



syah shah said…
burung yang samakah? tapi burung ko nampak cam dah tua... hihihihih :P :P

Oiii... kalo someone whom we idolize tegur kita balik, memang rasa overwhelmed sesangat...
Papepon congrats ah untuk ko... Aku ni ntah bila buleh dapat pegang dslr lagi ntah... :D :D
zonaku said…
hehehehhee... x mo aku tgk pic dia amik, pic ko amik pun dah cukup ngancam dah... dia punya pic collection pasti lebih lagi......

er syah.. aku pegang dah penah, snap ngan hebat belum lagi
HEMY said…
tak pasti plak sama ke tak burung tu..beliau edit mmg gelap skit kot, dengan gaya painting...

thanks zonaku
cikceriacorner said…
cantik...nice pict..:)
HEMY said…
thanks..ceria corner