Rohaniah Treatment.

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I was spending my weekend at my parents' house. I was driving alone coz Cembam had a mentor session at her school on Saturday. My mom called me the other day saying that we have to bring abah to seek for an alternative medication - Rohaniah. Abah would only go if I accompany him. Hmm, I've planned my budget to survive till the end of this month, but you can't say no to family right? I planned to just ride Wardina to save my fuel money, but Mom was saying that it's always raining for the past few days. I don't have a raincoat, so the only option is to drive there.

We went to Mrs. Fadhilah house after Zuhur on Saturday. It's just a normal house by the padi field. It was my first time there but Mom has been seeking her help couple of times before. I was greeted by a chubby woman and I could tell that she's the Mrs. Fadhilah that I've only heard of all this time.

Without further delay, she asked abah to lay down and recited Al-Fatihah over and over again while she's doing her thing. Mrs. Fadhilah's husband wiped a wet towel all over abah's face while Mrs. Fadhilah was holding my dad's feet reciting something. She then patted abah's feet couple of times before doing the same with abah's hands. Those were the swollen parts that have been making abah feeling cramped all the time.

Ahahaha..aku google saka dapat gambar ni. Nak wat camne. Korang imagine je la saka tu dalam bentuk gadis comel.

After finished, Mrs. Fadhilah lifted her head and told us that the cause is Saka and Santau. Owh~~~ The Santau was not specifically directed to him but the one that was spread and thrown away by the practitioner as a normal practice (Santau practitioner needs to practice it every now and then so it won't 'eat' themselves from within. So, most of them would just 'throw' it at the padi field hoping somebody would 'caught' it while doing their daily farming job or by simply put it randomly in the cup of drinks at the restaurants. If you are unlucky your sip that evening would be the very spark of a blood vomit)

Abah was then getting bathed by Mrs. Fadhilah's husband outside the house. Abah was wearing a newly bought Kain Pelekat and he does look 'sick' when he was having the bath. Mrs. Fadhilah prescribed all the food that Abah cannot eat. Pineapple, grapes, cuka, red meat and some other food. 
After getting some further instruction, the session ended and she asked us to come again the next day after Asar. Abah asked me when I would be getting back to KL. And I just simply answered "after accompanied you" and I saw a relief in abah's face =]

Just hope abah would be healthy again and all those unwanted things inside him could be get rid of by Mrs. Fadhilah. Luckily, I'm not one of the chosen host by this 'Saka'. But who? Next entry lah. Hehehe. Going to bed now. So tired~~


Masy said…
klu betul saka mcm dlm gambau tu, aku rasa ramai lelaki yg rela kot. hehehe

errr moga bapak ko cepat2 sembuh. amiiinnnnnn~
HEMY said…
mekasih..tu le..aku nk suh saka tu muncul tiap kali bini aku takde kalau cam dlm gambar tu..nyiahahaha
bardboo said…
dl aku follow blog ni xde plak dpt penghargaan mcm kat atas nie..hehe...

hope abah ko sehat la lepas dh berubat nie..

Jom Lawat Blog Bardboo

p/s: confuse dgn gmbr "saka' tu jap..haha
HEMY said…
ada laaa..lupa la tu..ko amek tak award aku kat bawah tu..hehehe
Mak Su said…
moga dapat mengatasi masalah ini ya