My first day of schoool

How's your first working day of the year 2011? The same? Pumped up with some short-term motivation or burning aspiration? Regardless, I just hope everyone is having fun working today. For me, it's just the same routine. Maybe a bit different in term of my task scope because of the missing 1 FTE due to the surgery that she had last 2 weeks.

We had our lunch at Malee Restaurant Dengkil. Damn it was so pack of cars. First day of school I guess. It reminds me back of my own first day of school 20 years ago. Oh god!! 20 years already. Errr..Ok, skip that.

I still remember the smell of my new white short shirt, my deep blue pants, my white shoes and my new bag. But I didn't recall how my bag looks like at that time. My dad was accompanying me. My Mom made me a Milo in my water bottle and I carried it to my first day.

I had my Milo from my bottle and put it on my desk. But I forgot to close the cap tightly. That was when a boy sitting next to me accidentally hit my bottle and my Milo was spread all over the desks. A father of my friend helped me with it. If I'm not mistaken, my dad was already left when it happened.

Then 2 girls were sitting in front of me. They were already friends I thought at that time. When I was looking emptily towards my desk, these 2 girls were giggling and were looking at me. Then they would look at something under the table and continued giggling. I didn't really understand why the giggled every time they looked under the table. I didn't give it a damn to look under table as well.

When my first day ended, dad picked me up. Reaching my house, my mom was already waiting for me. When she was helping me taking off my shoes, then she realized that my shoes was full of mud and stain. Like I was just walking on a muddy surface or something like that.

Mom shrieked at me and I was blur because I was only sitting on my chair the whole day and just went to the toilet once. There's no way I could have those stains on my shoe. And that was when I remembered that 2 girls' evil giggle.

Damn them~~. But we are friends till now. And I'd never talk to them about it =p

Ah...~~~ My first day of school.


Fiza Z. Abidin said…
ala..sian dia kne buli dgn dak2 ppuan 1st day at school eh...nape dorg berani buli nih :P:P
HEMY said…
mungkin sebab aku comel dan menawan...diorang cam geram kat aku kan..nk cubit pipi malu, so salat tanah kat kasut aku