Monday FASTER Blues!!


Hmmm...lots of statuses that have been posted in the FB walls disapproving the win of Anak Raffali to be nominated as the winner of the 25th AJL last night. Well, my common knowledge to approve it, I would be saying that the song is judged by how the song is wrote, the lyric, the music and every single thing related to the song itself. The performance and how well the song was presented is a bonus to achieve for the 'best performance award' and 'the best vocal award'. But if the song is solely the essence to be judged as the winning song, why bother the performance right? Anyway, it's not a big deal of my life pun. Hehehe. Congratulation yah Anna Raffali..=]

I will be heading straight home today after my office hours ended. Gonna rempit in between the cars to reach home asap and head to GSC Midvalley for the premier screening 'Faster'. Yiehehehe. It's the first free movie that I'm gonna watch with my beloved Cembam. She needs to wake up early the next morning of course, so I would advise her to sleep in the car going home after the movie. I just hope it would be a nice evening to be spent with Cembam so we can repeat it in the near future =].

I ride a bike to the office today so I won't be caught in the long queue at the flyover entering Bandar Baru Bangi. So, I guess I need to pray that it won't be raining this evening. Before 5 P.M please ya Allah =]. I am also hoping I could collect the ticket early so I would get the best seat and the most important thing is the free merchandise!!! Huhu!!

Ok, back to work now. Bhasya!!!!!


zonaku said…

esk aku baca review ko lak

sbb aku bc review smlm cite ni n citer nick cage tu katanya x best.
HEMY said… ke???takpela.yg penting time aku spent ngan cembam
syah shah said…
semoga berjaya dalam melaksanakan misi malam inih... hohohohohoh :D :D

apsal suma cite ajl nih... aku tak tengok okehhh~~~ sila jangan ceritaaa~~ mueheheheheheh :P :P :P
best dah ko sekrang cembam dok dekat