Meet the Parents

I got a text message from my sis last night after my tennis session ended. While pulling off my socks and pushed them into my shoes, I learned that my parents are going to pay her a visit this weekend. Hehehe. It's so Abah. He can give many reason just to ensure that he could hit the road and admire how much the path has been changed since his old days of driving the lorry delivering plastic merchandise for his company.

Abah was a lorry driver when I was around my primary-school days. He always brag on how he had use the road that we are using and the flyover was not there before. How the building was not like how it's now. I just think he missed that old days pushing the clutch and shifting the gear every now and then. Heee

As for my mom, she would just have to follow. If suddenly Abah wanted to come, then she would prepare the meal so we could have a nice lunch together here.

I'm off there now.

Happy weekend guys!!!


HEMY said…
dah..dia kata "masuk le...nape duduk luar jeee..."
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
mmg skrg jalan dh byk berubah. sebulan tak pergi tmpt tu, dah boleh sesat. pesat betul pembangunan. oh. jgn lupa . sediakan duit kecik. tol makin byk. silap pusing, keluar masuk tol la jawabnya

syah shah said…
kalo abah aku tu, kitorang kata ada peta dalam kepala dia... gprs pon kalah...

pegilaa ceruk mana pun, tanya kat dia, suma dia tau.. Hohohohoh :D :D