If I Were the Green Hornet

Green Hornet

Owh~~~~ I am so want to watch this one. Monday night movie seems to be a nice time to be spent with my wife after the first one watching Faster last week. And Mid Valley is not that far from our house.

Green Hornet yeah!!! If I were the green hornet??

Well instead of fighting the heavy crimes like the arm robberies, drug dealers or else, I would just leave them to the police man. No point getting stirred up with these kind of thugs coz you would ended up being a villain under the cop's radar. Just take Batman for example huh?

So, I would be focusing on small crime but giving a head-ache to us, those small crimes that irritates you so much. One of them would be those cars that installed with the white headlights!!! You always so irritate right when you had a white headlights coming from your front, or having one on your tail. So what I would do, I will use one of the weapon equipped in my car - The deadly hook!! It's equipped with a long steel chains and once I targeted both of the headlights, it will crushed them and penetrated the hook in it. I would then pull them out!!! Muwahahaha!!! So tomorrow, they really need to change back to the correct headlight huh??

I would get rid those signal lights that they don't even bother to use whenever they take a turn. I'd crushed them too. Oh, and those with read signal lamp on their tail-lights? I would crushed every single one I saw!!! Bloody bastards!! They think we would see clearly when they brake and about to take turn with those red tail-lights?? Gonna crush them all!! Mwahahahaha!!

Then, I would teach them a lesson, those who always drive on the fast lane, but so slow...~~. I would first give them light signal. If they don't budge, I'd honk them. If still don't budge, I would use my other weapon. The Flipper!!! It's a strong metal crane-look 'penyodok' which I would slide them under their car. Then I would flip their cars toward the roadside and before they crashed, I will use my other weapon - The webby!! Just like the name, it will sprout a huge spider web and catch the cars that I flipped. Oh, I'm not a killer OK. I'll make sure they are not dead, but they fear to drive in the fast lane slowly will be carved deep inside their head!!! Mwahahahaha!!!!

There would be lots more I would do. But will those above considered stopping the crime? Ahahahaha!! You tell me dude. The law that we created has too many loopholes. You did the right thing but still sometimes they labeled you as villain. So this is my way!! I stick with my philosophy!! This is my way of being the Green Hornet!!!


zonaku said…
YES!!!!!!! finally someone!!!

errrr..... need me to put salt onto their wounded ego after that????

glad to be at service!!!

silau la bangang bila korang guna lampu tu!
hemy said…
ko leh jadi pemandu aku zonaku...amcam??
syah shah said…
benci gila orang guna lampu putih tu... setau aku gomen dah banned penggunaan lampu tu, tapi takde penguatkuasaan, still orang guna jugak...

jgn kata signal kaler merah, yang pegi salut suma lampu jadik gelap-gelap tu pun harus diberikan pengajaran... lagi satu yang pegi tukar wiring lampu, bila ko brek, lampu reverse menyala, lampu signal menyala, segala jenis lampu nak kasi lip-lap... aku pecahkan jugak kang baru tau... sakit hati ooooo