Faster Premier screening ~~ Adat bawah satu bumbung

I was checking my mail every now and then to see if I got the invitation to the premier screening for either 'Faster' starring Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock or 'Season of the Witch' starring Nicolas Cage. But as days of waiting and checking, I just knew that I'm not the lucky winner for The Season of The Witch when it was already January 4th (the screening is on January 5th).

But today right after I sighed to my friend saying "damn..tak menang tiket nampaknya", I refreshed my mailbox before I intended to close the window, there it was. The invitation for premier screening of Faster!! Ho yeah~~ Mak Su, orang dah menang tiket dah!! (I saw Mak Su's entry for Faster as well today).

So, it's the beginning for series of movie watching with my wife (hopefully I will keep on winning the tickets lor) and we've decided to make it our hobby. One that we can share. Hehehehe. Just that it will ended around 12-1 A.M. Cembam needs to kick off from the house 6.45A.M every morning. But just once in a while je kan..Hehehe

So far leaving together has becoming better and better. We started to cope ourselves. Understanding each other needs. I would be the one throwing away the garbage but yet to be reminded by Cembam, I can request for hot drink - tea?Coffee?Radix Coffee?Hot Chocolate?, prepared meal every night and lots more.

In a way it makes you as a husband rasa malas tau. You like to be treated nicely by your wife. And for each nice gestures that you as a wife made that creates the smile on your husband's face, besar ganjarannya Allah bestowed upon you. So sometimes, I even so lazy to wash the dishes. But I've been educated by my Mom utk 'ringan tangan'. So, I just wash them and it would make my Cembam's task easier kan? Toleration..hehehe

Every early morning I would hear my Cembam's soft voice "bangunnn...bangunnnn". Usually she will start waking me up after she has finished her bath and prayer. If I'm strong enough, the moment I sensed her waking up from the bed, I will follow and we would pray together. But dalam 10 maybe sekali la. Hehehehe.
Hmm~~~~ Best~~~ Tonight, dh bagitau balik lambat. Playing badminton with my colleague. So she won't be cooking much. Thanks Cembam!!~~


PnConfused said…
aku py living together, ada seminggu je lagi...

pasnih wikend hb n wife blk..haihhhh
syah shah said…
putting a smile on your wife's face pun besar pahalanya... don't forget that.. :D :D

sesekali return the favour (i.e : masak or buatkan air or picitkan badan after a tiring day) goes a very looooonnnnngggg way...

yang penting, communication and tolerance... :D :D
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
riba meriba ada tak??

ok takyah jawab. nanti ai jeles

HEMY said…
pn confused : sian ko..tak leh tukar lagi ke?

syahshah : betul tu..dia sll minta urut

menjawab soklan ko kts..memang aku riba dia la nk urut cukup lagi ruang kalau ko nak diriba gak
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
baguslah dh duduk sama :). Perempuan nih dia tak kuat tapi semangatnya tinggi sbb tu kami walau penat mcm mana pn still boleh gagahkn diri utk buat semua benda utk suami & anak-anak..dan taati suami selagi tak langgar batas-batas agama.

Lelaki pulak...tanggungjwb dia besar nak kene bimbing isteri & anak-anak.

Insy'allah, selagi dua-dua berpegang pd tanggungjwb masing-masing...both akan sama-sama putting lot of smiles on each other face forever kan :)
..hizamirahim.. said…
sama2 la kita!!!
dapat gi tgk faster.
HEMY said…
Fiza : haah kan..kita saling mengingati la ek

hizamirahim, jumpa di sana..yg paling kacak tu aku la..senang je nak cam..ahahaha
bardboo said…
aku smp skrg xpenah lagi menang tiket free nie..hehe..