Common sense is hard to be embraced sometimes

I was playing tennis with my friends last night just like the other Monday night. It was raining early yesterday, around 12 noon. The tennis court was not that wet. Just couple of water puddles at the end of the court which just required us to spread the water all over the surface with just our foots to make it dry quicker.

Around 7.30P.M, a crowd of people were coming into the arena. The lights for the futsal courts have been switched on. It was a plus to us if the other courts are being used coz the light would be even better for us too. Couple of guys walking into the futsal court next to us with the water-puller in their hands. 

They started to pull the water outside the court coz they got a pretty big puddle of water at the center of the court. We've advised them beforehand that they should pull the water carefully towards the back end of their court so it won't be coming into our court.

But sometimes this thick-bonehead won't really have the common sense inside them. They pulled the water from inside the court and just dragged the water in between our court. Common sense, you should be pulling the water that you've pulled from the center, to the back-end of the court so both of your court and our court should be just nicely dried or in my case, remained dry.

Slowly the water from the next court was pouring into our court. We warned them again but they just keep on pulling the water stupidly again. Till the point where we had to stop our game and asked them the water puller so we could pull the water out from our court.

See guys. We paid for the hours of using our court aite. Now, from a nicely dry court we had to pull the water that came from their court and suspend our play. It's like their brains are not ticking at all. Common sense guys...bloody idiot. Do you guys need a proper instruction to do something that simple from your mom?

It's the same case like how you park your car during Friday prayer. You came late, parked you car awkwardly and blocked the other cars, yet you came out late from the mosque. What's the use of your pray when outside, so many people were pissed off because of you. Islam is not just praying and say "no matter how desperate we are (including parking awkwardly and block other cars), the most important thing is to pray". Fuck you!!! You pray like others and just leave earlier to move your car would be a better muslim gesture rather than thinking you are so close to Allah by doing long zikir (sangka baik ni) after your prayer and leave the rest honking and waiting.

Ahhh~~~ Common sense is not that easy for these kinds of brain I think


Masy said…
ada manusia yg tahap kebodohannya bertingkat2, mcm KLCC la tahapnye
Yunus Badawi said…
Mereka tu dah solat Maghrib ke belum? hehehe
HEMY said…
Masy : betul tu...sakit hati je..kalau kaki gaduh lama dh bergaduh

YB : aku sangka baik sudah je la
syah shah said…
kekadang gitulaa... education kemain lagi tinggi melangit, tapi common sense & courtesy jatuh menyembah bumi... huhu~~