2011 huh?

Will that mean next year is the end of the day or something like the one presented in the movie 2012? Ekekeke. Who knows right? Even during our beloved prophet's time, the age of our 3rd rock from the sun is like an old person with a 2nd degree of spine-bent (ahaahha. I don't know how they say 'bongkok' in english).

Most of us has been asked, has carved it deep into their soul, has been checking it from the last year's diary whether it needs to be changed, maintained or yet to be accomplished. Yes. I'm talking about the resolution. One that most people think it can only be set at the beginning of a new year. 

I don't have any particular resolution for the year of 2011. I just need to be a better person and be happy with my beloved ones by my side. A better tomorrow. That's it.

Maybe one of my resolution would be 'a better tennis player'. Hmmm..yup definitely. No more simple silly mistake during the game. Hold my serve well and volley by the net even better. Hehehehe. Thanks Cembam for letting me play like I am used to =] and plus a meal every night when I reached home.

Hope all of you would achieve way greater things in this new year. Bhasya!!!!


Masy said…
epy nuyer hanol.. moga thn ni dpt hanol JR. hohehohe
anwar HP said…
mine is to success in new company