We were inside the wooden house waiting to be slaughtered

My wife and I were on the bus to a place that I couldn't recall. We were looking outside from the window and enjoy the scenery along the journey. That is when I suddenly realized something terrifying. A black cloud was filling up the sky and I could see the fury of the red flame was enraging all over that place burning everything that was in front of it. 

I shouted to the bus driver about what I've had see. But no one seems to respond on it. No one else was looking outside to check on it. But right after that the bus made a huge U-turn. We were heading back to our place. Our foots reached the ground and I saw an ugly scene right before me.

The buildings were burning, people were running here and there scurrying away from the scene. The place was a mess. Lots of people were carrying a weapon with them. Some with the familiar faces. One of the bloke was my senior during my school days. I could see some bruises and cuts that were bleeding all over his head. 

I didn't notice when it happened but suddenly I was holding my daughter. My sweet little toddler was about to cry. "Shh...be cool yah my baby. Dad is here". We were inside a wooden house. Around 20 people were inside the house.

"There there, there they are. We need to attack now!!!". A guy had just lit a Molotov and threw it up into a building through the window. I could saw shadows of people running away with fire all over them. The wooden house was by a river. I spotted something moving from beneath the water and 2 pieces of riffle tips were submerging into the muddy water. I shouted to the rest and a random shoot answered my alarm piercing the water trying to hit something underneath.

From inside the house I could see more of the enemies were coming. I was bewildered of what was actually happening. From all over the place, those angry berserk people with swords in their fists were trying to kill us and slashing their way inside the house. At that point of time I just knew that I need to participate. I hurriedly ran into one of the room and find a huge cupboard.

"Please baby. Please stay inside and don't make any noise yah. Dad will be back any moment ok. Shhhh"

I put my daughter inside the cupboard and reached a big knife on my right hand and a long sword in my left hand.

"They are coming in from the river!!!" One of the guy inside the house alarmed us and I could see 4 people in a wooden canoe were approaching.

"You have to throw that knife. Try to hit any of them!!!", someone was instructing me to attack the patron.

I was still confused but tried my best to throw the knife on my hand towards the 4 people but just missed the target. One of them threw back the same knife and slashed my right ankle. Strangely, I didn't feel any pain. The front door was barged open and a group of people came pouring in with spears and all those sharp weapons!!! The group of the outside and the inside people clashed and they fought for their life. 

"Oh my god!!! This is a dream. Please!! This is a dream"

Like a spell chanted, I started to swing my weapon here and there. Cutting the bamboo spears of my enemy into half. Chopping their heads and killing them. I have a daughter and I wanted to see her face again. My last swing woke me up.

I was on my bed. A dream of an after-subuh nap. It's already 9 A.M.

Trust me guys. Eventhough it was just a dream, I could feel the terror of war. Every second of it was a nightmare.The scary feeling where you were there waiting for the moment to be killed. The feeling of being surrounded. It was terrifying. A war is terrifying. Violence is ugly. Please preserve our humanity. Please~~~


syah shah said…
ko ade tengok cerita perang-perang ke sebelum tido tu? aku skang asik mimpi dexter sebab tak habis-habis lagi tengok dexter... kui kui kui kui :P :P

but yep, war is not just such an ugly word, it is also indeed a very ugly situation... semoga dijauhkan... amin...