To all shitters out there who doesn't know how to flush!!

Letto was struck suddenly from his inside when he was doing his task and concentrating on his work. "Uuu~~ Nature call". So he hurriedly logged off from his PC and went out of his office lot walking towards the washroom. Just when he was about to enter the 'relief room', there was one small yellow sign in front of the door "Cleaning In Progress".

"Fart!! Now?!! At a time like this??!!"

He went to the lift and pressed up and exit at the first floor. Entered the washroom and looking for the vacant one. When he spotted the first one, he rushed inside but stopped suddenly when he saw the bowl was filled with tissues and the long brown fucking poo inside it. 


Luckily the room next to it was also vacant. So Letto just put that shitty brengsek view out of his head and just did his thing. Once finished and had it flushed, Letto emerged from the room and the ugly view would just trying to get into his brain the moment he walked passed it. He looked around and found no one else was there.

" like it ugly, let makes it uglier"

He reached something from his pocket and brought it out. A small packet containing blue dust. He opened it slowly and sprinkled some of it on the poo. Letto folded it back nicely and put it into his pocket back and began chanting something;

"Trakuss brava dainte matteieyniva paghis anduuurrrr"

He chanted it 3 times while pointing his index finger towards the poo. A small blue flame ignited but just faded away right after that. Letto walked out of the room with a smirk on his face. Suddenly a guy was rushing out of the office with a red face and holding his butt. Letto was standing at the entrance and spotted the guy.

"Hey, what happened dude?"

"I don't know, suddenly I can't sit on my butt and there's this burning feeling from it"

"Oh, so you must be the guy that didn't flush huh?"

The rounded-face guy was looking at him surprisingly and for that slight moment he forgot about his pain.

"Oh, don't look surprised. You are one farting guy huh. I have everything to do with how you feel now"

Letto sarcastically smiled at him and walked away. The guy didn't understand a thing and just rushed into the available toilet which happened to be the one that had not been flushed by him. A soft moaning was heard coming out of it.

They guy came out of the washroom and starting to understand the murmuring that he heard from the guy that he bumped into before he entered the washroom. He asked the security guard about the guy and the guard luckily remembered that Letto was using the elevator to the ground floor.

So the guy went to the ground floor and waited at the lobby and tried asking the people around about Letto while enduring the pain on his butt. After hours, Letto was walking out of the office when he was approached by the guy.

"Oh My God!! What have you done!! Are you the one behind my pain?"
"Err..No. What pain? Pain in the ass? Ahahaha", Letto laughed a bit
"Please, if this is because of the shit that I left without flushing, I'm sorry man. I'm sorry"
"Hey listen to yourself. You sound crazy dude"
"Please man..please. I've endured the pain for hours already. That was the first time I forgot to flush"
"Are you sure? You want more of that?"
"You should apologize to the cleaner though. Would you done that"
"Yes yes"

So they went to the level 1 hoping that the cleaner is on duty and the luck was on that guy's shoulder.

"Miss, this guy has something to say to you"

"Hi Miss. I want to apologize. Actually I was the one all this while who didn't flush the toilet after use and left my shit and all those tissues inside. I'm sorry. I've learned my mistake"

The cleaner didn't really understand and just say OK to it.

"Ok, why is the pain still there. I can still feel the pain"

"Oh, I don't know..coz I have nothing to do with it"

Letto just walked away from the man..Oh, don't feel pity. It's just that the spell would be lifted only after 24 hours. Hehehehehe


Fiza Z. Abidin said…
wah...nak jugak lah buat cam letto tu sb kdg2 toilet kt Gard**n pun cam tu gak wpun itu toilet ppuan....sgt2 bencik sekali...
zonaku said…
marah betul ko...

tp, mmg patut marah pun kan.. kalau la mmg kita leh buat cam letto..... mampos laaaaaa
Kniedaz said…
benci ngan org tak reti nak flush..hoh..pengotor ..
syah shah said…
Memang benci okeh kalu kena cemitu... Kalau pun flush rosak, bawak-bawaklaa jirus sampai hilang suma menda kat dalam tu... tadak courtesy langsung... heh.
HEMY said…
tuh la..sebaik tuhan tak bagi aku super power..sbb tau dah mmg dajal orang punya..mwahahaha