This is my 1000th entry..wauuu!!!~~~

I started this blog using "Itching Fingers" to name my blog. It's a symbol that I would always eager to write or technically type anything that happens in my life and treating this online canvas as an archive of my piece of life journey. 

Then I changed it to the name that remains till now, "Trudge Along My Nothingness". The word trudge comes from the novel Harry Potter that I read at that time. I like the word then I matched it with the rest to form the name. It fits me well at that time that just started my career life, feeling so small and insignificant. So from that moment, I keep on writing. I write to improve my english writing, I write because I have the passion to do so, I write to keep track of my life and I write with so much fun.

Until now~~~

I gather lots of friends. Some that come and go yet some still here with me. Sharing my life in theirs and we always feel like we have known each other for years when we met.

I love my blog. And I hope I could always write in it and trudge along my life to see more out of it. =]


P/S : aku rasa nak letak gambar2 Hong Kong seterusnya kat blog lagi satu. Cam muak je readers nak tengok gambar2 Hong Kong je 2 minggu kan. Huhu...Yang nak tengok nanti klik je lah link yang diberi. Thanks


Pocket said…
yg dah ke seribu!!
pergh.. pocket nak kena tgk lah berapa dah pocket nyer post..
tak sampai lagi agaknya biarpun dah lima tahun dok ngadap.

sila letak gambar adik seksi cam ari tu skali skala... ada gak 'gula' heheh:)
green said…

amboi, previous post, sempat perli...hehe..anyway thanks a lot. doakan trip ni fine and aku okay kat sana taw. By the way, keep on blogging n thanks for da tips ^.*
zonaku said…
1k? Congrats!

kalau sambung kat sini pun apa salahnya...

up 2 u.

n keep in touch!
baincardin said…
1000th? byk giler tu...congratz!!!~ ^_^
CAHAYA said…
hamboii... banyak ke blog?
syah shah said…
welkam to thousand klab... hahahahahah :P :P

tahniah tahniah... :D :D
Masy said…
giler ah dah seribu!
~mrs azmi~ said…
seribu dah?!

wah tahniah!!
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
seribu dah...pls keep on writing :D..alah, letak gamba kt sini pun takpe..aku sudi melihatnye hihihih