The Season of the Witch is Here

Season of the witch

I saw the poster of this movie and I was like saying "Oh, Nicolas Cage again...". Coz his last movie "Sorcerer's Apprentice" is also about magic. But surely I want to watch his act in this new movie "Season of the Witch".

When we talk about witch, nowadays..because of all those films like Harry Potter, Eragon and some TV series like Charmed and Merlin, we always think that these witches are cool and kind right? Why the king wanted to slay all of the witches? They are not that bad!!! Look at Merlin!! He's the savior.

It's just like us human. Not everyone has a kind heart. Some doesn't even respect life. But these 'witches' are something that we really need to be scared OK.

Have you heard about Santau. We rarely refer these people whom are capable to cast the santau so somebody just like that as a witch right? But they are exactly a real life witches which you can found in our country!! They can make you vomit blood throughout your remaining life and sooner or later you gonna be dead!!! It's not a's a real deal!! That's what scares me most about witches!!!

credit to the owner of this pic

Have you watched the Thailand movie (Long Khong) where the witch caste his spell on a guy and after that numbers of hooks (the one you use to fish) were coming out of his face and I could feel the excruciating pain!!! Fart!! That's really hurt!! And you don't have to be the last descendant of a well-known witch that is the heir of a great spell of the universe like you heard in the movie. You just need to make someone pissed off eventhough it's not your fault and the next thing you know, something bad is happening to you!!! That's what scares me most about witches!!!

And I heard that a spell from Sabah  named "Bitas" was used so much to the guys who hurt the their girls either physically or emotionally. Do you know how Bitas works? See for example a guy was so lovey dovey with a Sabahan girl and have had sex with her and just dump her, the next morning when you watched yourself in the mirror, you will see your penis (either long, big or just puny one) is attached on your forehead!!! Yes!!! How are you gonna f**king hide it? Wearing Bandana??? That's what scares me most about witches!!!

Now you see huh that not all witches are cool? They are somewhat terrifying and someone you don't wanna mess up with.


Fiza Z. Abidin said…
cite merlin best...igtkan aku sorg je follow :)
syah shah said…
oh, santau sihir menyihir ni memang sangat menakutkannnn~~

Long Khong tu seram oo cite dia... cite antu/seram Thailand punya memang seram-seram belaka... Gila takut ooo...

Nicholas Cage? Aiseh, aku tatau kenapa aku memang tak suka betul tengok dia... Jadi suma cite dia aku tak tengok... Buleh tak cemitu? Hahahahah :P :P