Nighty nagging

It's a blast for Malaysian football fan tonight!!! Malah jauh lebih rare dari kejadian eclipse!!! I bet most of the blogs are writing about how Malaysia 'titik' Indonesia 3-0 and I've been reading statuses and thinking the same about the concern on how will our team perform in Indonesia on 29th. The common concern is 'kena jampi' by the Indonesian. Hahahaha!!! Potentially true but let us just hope that our team will triumph that day once again!!

Everytime some guys from the floor below were shrieking and shouting the magical chant - GOAAALLLL!!!, I would switch to TV1 to check on myself who has scored a goal. Yaa..I didn't really watch the game. I'm living with two women and need to be considerate (alasan) by watching Indiana Jones and changing the channel every now and then.

I am watching Muay Thai Chaiya while writing this entry sentence after sentence and reading Hajjime No Ippo. A boxing manga that I've found interesting when I stumbled upon the latest episode in the Mangastream web. Hehehe. Right after that, I tried to find the web where I could read from the first episode, found it and starting to read it. 

I am easily motivated or encouraged. It's just me. Watching Muay Thai Chaiya and reading this boxing manga, I feel want to do 1000 times skipping and 50 times push-ups. Ahahahaha. But of course la in the middle of the night like this, I won't be doing any or a single time of it. Ekekeke.

Maybe tomorrow la start with the push-up coz I don't have the skipping-rope anymore.


Masy said…
klu aku feel want to je laa.. buatnye tak pon. dats why figure aku mcm ni je, huhuuhuhu
syah shah said…
aku tak tengok tv pun semalam... Pagi ni baru tau result bila tengok blog orang lain... Heheheheh :D :D
Erina Asmawani said…
aku x tgk bola semalam.hari ni tgk status fesbuk semua pasal bola n the laser..memula aku x paham pehal la laser2 ni, google tadi baru dapat tau..haihhh..indon2..x abes2.ade je yg dorg x puas ati ngan malaysia