Muhamad Nahdan Fitri, my mom's first grandchild

On 5th December, our family got a huge news that has been waited for so long. My mom's first grandchild, a grandson to be exact. The predicted due date was supposed to be Dec 25th, but on 5th Dec morning, when I was just finished my bath after my sister in-law's wedding ceremony, I got a text message from my mom saying that my sister has already admitted into the labour room.

And at the afternoon, I got the happy news saying that my first nephew has just been born!!!! Weighing 2.8kg during the birth, that small flesh brings joy to all of us. I managed to pay him a visit during the Awal Muharam holiday.

Muhamad Nahdan Fitri

This is our precious one~~~ Muhamad Nahdan Fitri. Ah, let me tell you the story about the name. One day when we were at our hometown, my sister was looking for the name. Originally she wanted the name to starts with F. But a boy's name with F is not that many and most of all is common one. So instead, I suggested to use N and F for the name using my sis' and her husband initial.

So after looking and searching for the meaning, I came up with Nahdan Fida'i which means something like no matter how hard, he will keep on standing (Nahdan) for the sake of Jihad (Fida'i). But before I posted this entry, I texted my sister to confirm the registered name. She changed it to Nahdan Fitri. So the meaning is something like No matter how hard, he will keep on standing (Nahdan) coz that's how I am read. my fitrah (Fitri)

Muhamad Nahdan Fitri

When I was visiting Nahdan (I call him with the name I chose..ahaha), I was sick (fever) and I didn't dare to get close to him and kiss him all. I was looking at that small tiny flesh that always shut his eyes and would only open them when everything seems quite.

He would cry so loud when my mom and my sister washed him. He hates the coldness that creeping on her legs. So my mom would quickly changed the diaper, wrapped him (bedung) and hug him saying "ok..dah siap..dah..). And he would stop crying just like that.

Muhamad Nahdan Fitri

Welcome to the world Nahdan Fitri. Hopefully you will be raised with so much love, so much care and be a kind boy when you grow up. =]. Oh terharu plak

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zella y said…
wah... best la ko dh dpt anak buah... congrats!!
syah shah said…
wah, cucu sulung :D :D

tahniah tahniah tahniahhhh~~

buh nama panjang-panjang sok lusa susah budak tu nak peksa... tak sempat jawab paper, baru habis tulis nama dah abes masa... Muahahahahahah :P :P :P
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
aku sangat jeles!


nak baby gak

zonaku said…
kts: sila buat sendiri yer.....


nahdan..... x sabar nk jenguk dunia yer..... besar jadi anak y soleh yer....
me3n said…
tahniah, you first nephew la kan? ;)
HEMY said…
thanks zella

nk sorang ke kts? jomm

syah shah : tu la..kena plak yg itamkan dlm borang OMR tu

amiin zonaku

meen : haaah