Hong Kong Disneyland - Philhar Magic and the Golden Mickey

We continued to explorethe Disnyeland after watching the Simba performance and spotted the Philhar Magic house where they stated in the notification board that there would be a show in 10 minutes. So we queued and got a plastic spectacles which at first we didn't really know of the function.

It was a cartoon show like a cinema one where Donald Duck seems to be the main actor. At that time we realized that the screen looks shaky, so we put on our glass. Oh!! It's a 3D glasses. But so simple you couldn't believe that everything looks different once you wore it!! The flying objects seems to be so close to you where you could reach it (yo would see most of us reaching out our hand to take them) and the wind blowing, water splashing in the movie was so real because you could feel the wind and the sprinkle.

Then we proceed with our journey and spotted another show that would start in another 10 minutes. The Golden Mickey!!

The Golden Mickey Entrance (honestly I was not sure what it was. Main masuk je)

 This is Bebe (the in-white chick). The performance was in English but there's a screen on our left that translated it in Mandarin or Cantones I don't know and on the right side for english one. Kan Goofy's ascent is kinda doggy, so they translate it in english as well.

Then when Mickey and Minnie were  on the stage, there was a big loud applause for them. Wow, they really like Mickey and Minnie. They even bought the Mickey-Ears thingy and wear them for the whole family!!

We have Toy Story characters in the house

 Tarzan. The characters are so close to the original one. The Tarzan has a nicely buld body and six pack like me..ekekekeke.


Then we have Wulan Jameela.

Lilo and Stich

Then the Bebe was wearing Bikini. Pantas aku tukar lense zoom. Ahahahaha!!!

Mermaid~~~~ Aku kecewa sebab the Mermaid wears an inner cloth. Why not just naked skin like the real character!!!

 Beauty and the Beast masa masih lagi Beast

This one is when the Beast has already transformed to the real body - a handsome guy

But yang paling menarik tetap watak sampingan Lilo and stitch ni. Hmmm~~ Ailoikee..tukar zoom lense dah masa ni..ekekeke

Nak amek yang perfect susah. Sebab awek-awek seksi ni bergerak dan gelap. Tapi sbb pro dapat gak satu yang cun tanpa editing..hehehe.

Akhir sekali semua watak were on the stage before the ending. The Bebe tu, dia lah pengacara, dia la surfer girl, dia la princess..Sume-sume dia. Dia gaji paling mahal kot di kalangan sume tu. Hehehehe.

So, that's what await you in the Golden Mickey House.=]


zonaku said…
pesal muka beast y dah ensem xder?
zella y said…
amboi ko...nk tgk yg naked skin je erk?? hahahah
baincardin said…
Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah 1432! ^_^
Pocket said…
ok ok,
sedikit sebanyak aku dah dapat sikit imej camana si HEMY punya rupa,
-six pack cam tarzan..

pergh!! considering the lighting yg nampak dek gambo ko, ko memang hebat menangkap gambo adik tu mendepakan tangan nya tu..
aku rase basically timing ko memang besh.
syah shah said…
peh... membakar semangat haku betolll...
Ann said…
bestnye dpt tgk musical mcm ni:)