Ho Ho Ho~~~~~

I'm at home just finished my Friday Prayer watching an old movie starring a teenage Jessica Beil!! while waiting my sleepy eyes to embrace me into a short nap before going back to hometown for Christmas. Ekekeke. 

It's gonna rain soon and Cembam is sleeping on the couch. Once she's awake, I would consider that as the right time to kick off. We gonna have a detour to Plaza Masalam Shah Alam first for printing my sister in-law's wedding pictures. I just print the original pictures without any editing. How could I edit anything just using my highly-stricted-access company laptop?

I've even tried to use the portable one but it's not authorised to open it at all. I am so grateful to be able to play movies using it after installing the player in my own removable disk after numerous trying. Huhu.


Want to buy a new machine...laptop or desktop..I think desktop.Wanna get one with powerful processor to do more things with it....ah, and a bigger display screen too. But I'm not sure when I would be able to buy one. No saving, just credit card as option. Easy payment? I'm a discipline enough credit card user so, easy payment is one thing I could control. But I am planning to buy the clone (computer that you assemble after you buy the parts separately) and I'm not sure 0% easy payment is applicable for this kind of purchase.


Merry Christmas to my non-muslim readers!!


bardboo said…
easy paymen sgt besh..hehe..