Best Off time orang ramai keje ni~~

I'm off today. Yeah~~~ Thanks to the policy 'getting Friday every public Holiday on Saturday and getting Monday every public holiday on Sunday'. I heart it so mwuchhh~~ But, if you woke up at 12noon, it doesn't really mean much for you right? Ahahahaha!!!

I've done my laundry, folded my newly washed clothes and having my lunch while watching Piranha later after I prepared the tea. Hehehe. So while waiting the boiling water it's enough time to jot something here. 

Tonight, we gonna off to Kuala Terengganu to attend Aima's wedding. Probably the 'we' mentioned here would be Keri-on, Montok and Manje. But the plan is not really in place yet. Hey guys, answer my FB status asking for that yah. 

Truly sorry to Adesh that would be marrying Donut, her life-love also this 11th December. As Aima has already announced the date way sooner, so I guess I'm gonna hit the one in the list first. Sorry ye Adesh. Hope you would have a nice sunny wedding day so boleh dapat outdoor session yang sangat memuah. Dok amek clients pictures je best-best, yours need to be way more perfect than theirs kan..-wink!!-

Oh, my wife just got to know her next school. It's SK Rinching Hilir. Around Bangi Lama area. So, we gonna stay at my in-law's apartment, Seksyen 9 Bangi. Gonna mis Pucak Jalil - the best spot you could buy a house. Near to every other places. The center of Klang Valley!!


syah shah said…
akan ku cobak meracun minda dan pikiran incik Firdaus to go along... hahahahahah :P :P
zonaku said…
lapor PPD kat tepi tesco kajang tu kan?

sayangnya aku telah blah dr sana.. or else blh la buat xtvt ngan sekolah tu..
HEMY said…
zara : baik

syahshah : try selagi boleh

zonaku : aku pn tak tau...cembam tak ckp pape pn
zonaku said…
hhehhehee.. just in case x tau mana PPD hulu langat, carikla di tepi tesco. masuk ikut jalan nk ke tesco itu yeeee
niesz said…
xdpt nk g kenduri kawen kawan sbb esok kene bwk akak syg jln2..
Pocket said…
whenever u're taking leave during weekdays.. take time to go and look at the face of millionaires walking about the town.

mereka tak perlu keja sebab mereka jutawan. cabaran untuk kita ..
'bila laaa nak jadi jutawan sampai
tak perlu keja cam diorang'

'maybe diorang simply keja malam?'
pun mungkin jgak..
tapi kan ker lagi bagus kalau kita sangka baik n terima jer cabaran itu :)

(Bila la nak kaya nih!!?)
HEMY said… nice thinking and suggestion pocket..huhu...

tu la..when we could make the money works for us instead of the other way around, it's a carefree life for us