Sekitar bandar Hong Kong - Baru letak tajuk

The 3rd day in Hong Kong, we don't rally have any specific idea to where we wanna go.We have some in our mind so we just gonna visit as many as we could. So, first stop is the Victoria Peak. We asked the hotel staff and they instructed us on the way to go there.

First, we took the elevator for Prince Edward Street to take the MTR. As you can see from the picture, the elevator is a long and high one and it's fast~~~.

This is how the looks of my Hong Kong morning. We kinda lost our way and ended up taking the train at  Mong Kok MTR station

Most of the shops here are selling their winter collections. Even if you go to the Nike shop and asked for 3 quarter pants, they don't sell it at that time.

And they don't need awak-awak besi ke apa nama dia tu for construction. They just use the bamboo and the pedestrians do not hesitate to walk under it. Maybe there's no cases where the pedestrians were getting crushed by someone's body that falls from above =p

The city tram..nice..But I didn't manage to hop in coz I don't where can I go riding that. Ahahahhaa. So we just walk our way to Victoria Peak by following the signboard.

After 15 minutes walking up the hill, we reached the station. There were so many people but because we used Octopus card, we didn't have to queue for the ticket, just queue for the turn to hop in.

One of the view from the inside of the tram. You would see the building in a funny way because of the ascending tram going up. And the tram was fast Ok!!

Once we reached to the top, there was line of people waiting to go down. What's up there? Next entry yah!!


Fina Roslan said…

i just wandering, what are u doing in HK? is it for shopping?

salam perkenalan
syah shah said…
mane dah button read more ko nih? dahle takde title nak klik, jenuh ok aku nak baca whole entry tak buleh... sebbek aku terel...

heh, dorang pakai buluh pasal dorang kan terel kung fu, buleh terbang-terbang ok, kompom tak jatuh... hahahahahah :P :P :P
green said…
hk best!
br 2 hr balik ni..
my 6 days packed, indeed..lg best jln sendiri dr ikut tour guide or something..