Weekend breakaway

Cembam paid a visit this weekend. I fetched her at Bukit Jalil station after the work on Thursday night and then headed to Shah Alam to fetch my sister. But we went to Masalam Plaza first to print my sister in-law's engagement pictures. We printed around 100 4R pictures and had our dinner at Ayam Penyet just across the road. We arrived at my parent's house around 12A.M and just chatted a bit before we just went to bed as our fatigue bodies had slowly shutting down our eyelids.   

**Taken while I was waiting in the queue near the traffic light junction of Sri Petaling -> Bukit Jalil. It was packed with vehicles and mostly buses**

The Deepavali Friday was just a normal one. We didn't really go anywhere. Just lazing around in front of the laptop, chatting about stuffs and having my nice relaxing time with Cembam sitting and leaning against me and lying on my lap every now and then. For me, that 'relax and romantic' time was enough to make us feel closer after those days living on our own.

**A poster that attracted me when I was waiting the traffic light goes green at Kuala Selangor..Nicely sarcastic I would say**

On Saturday morning, we had to head back to KL as Cembam needed to catch the Kuantan bus at 3.30P.M. We stopped at my sister's house to leave her house key as favored and entered KL to have our lunch at Tanglin. But the infamous Ikan Bakar stall was closed so we had to detour to some nearby stalls.  I was standing there watching through the bus window as she hopped on the bus, sorting something a her seat like a korean hero in one of the soap opera. (hehehe=p).

**The view along the journey into KL**

It's been a while since the last time I have my weekend in KL. I was just spending my time in front of my laptop, reading the online manga, playing games and etc. I even texted some of my new friends that I met on the tennis court and set the Sunday Morning session so I would wake up early and fill up my weekend to the fullest.

I've read couple of online mangas so far. I've finished reading them till the last episode available in the net;
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn (300+ episodes)
-Gantz (200+ episodes)
-The Breaker

I'm browsing some other manga as this entry is being prepared. Since the day I got my 2nd-handed table that I bought from Zonaku, it's really convenience to do my online thingy while watching the Astro. We are watching the EPL now. I'm starting to watch them more after I started playing Fantasy Premiere League. Ekekeke. Plus tonight Federer is playing Djokovic for the Final. Hopefully once the Arsenal game finished, I would be able to watch the game =]


Pocket said…
havent been to KL for quite some time, last time i was there,
-i still need to take bus from Pudu to return to penang.
-Pak Lah was still on top,
-i dont think the first H1N1 arrived yet.

(Is it that long?)
hahahah:) bila la nak gi KL tengok konsert ker haper.. hummmmm
Masy said…
bersandar-sandaraannnnnn berbaring baringaannnn di hari bahagiaaaa iniiiiiii
syah shah said…
sometimes, just a simple gesture brought a looonnnngggg memory... :D :D

memang sarcastic gila poster tersebut... hihihihih
HEMY said…
fuh..tggu konsert baru turun kl pocket?roger la aku ye kalau free2 ada KL tu

masy: nk baring gak ke di pangkuan ku?

syahshah : =]
Mak Su said…
poster tu mmg menarik giler