Back yet upload issue

The Glare of Hong Kong

Hi!!! I'm back from my 3-day oversea experience last Saturday. I was originally asked for this Monday and Tuesday leave, but due to some issues that needs to be handled, I asked my team lead to work from home if necessary. So, here I am working from home with Cembam sitting next to me in front of the other laptop.

We are staying at my sister's. She's gonna deliver her baby anytime soon. So Mom is already staying at her place since last Wednesday to keep her company. We don't have internet access at her place so the Hong Kong pictures gonna be slightly delayed. Hehehe. I even missed my dream match of Nadal vs Federer because my sister's doesn't have the sport channel. Huwaaaa!!~~~. Really hope the replay match would be aired soon.

Aiyaahhh~~~ very slow la nak upload gambar. Neither Picasa nor imageshack. Surrender already. Later la aku upload. Up there is the only picture I managed to upload.


cant wait.sure best.jeles.kota singa?
zonaku said…
owh.. aku menunggu sangat2 pic ko ni...
Pocket said…
tak silap aku raja rimba pernah gaduh ngan abang dia atas bangunan tu dulu lah,
tapi aku tak ingat dah nama diorang.
lama sangat.

ker lawan ngan chankong?

hahahah pengaruh komik betul la pocket nih..
niesz said…
best nye!teringin nk g..
Masy said…
lepas cite2 Hong KOng, aku mau subinier. auuuummmm hahaahaha
Mak Su said…
ada bawk balik andy lau tak?