Reckless driver shot!! Please drive carefully!!

He was driving out from the out from the bumpy road and emerged into a 3-lane road towards Cyberjaya after taking the left turn at the flyover. Vehicles were passing him fast on his right and he gave the signal to shift into the wide road. A few seconds after that a car was driving so fast from his right, cut right in front of him and exit the wide road towards Putrajaya. He had to push the brake so hard, screeching sound filled up the air and fortunately there was no car on his tail.

Pissed off, he followed the reckless car (actually it's the driver, not the car. The car didn't even give a signal when he cut him off. That made him even angrier. He drove his car side by side with the reckless driver. Brought down his left front mirror and yelled "That's dangerous OK!!! Come on!!". But the reckless didn't even bother to wave his hand as an apology signal and just hit the throttle.

That's it!!

He was on his tail. He opened a case that was nicely on the passenger seat next to him. A custom pistol that he always carries where ever he goes. No, ho doesn't need a license for that. He then put the silencer on the tip of his pistol. The bullets were self-made either. He's always a careful man. He doesn't want anyone to lead the bullet back to him. This way, he would remain anonymous. Just like the wind. You could feel it's presence then you never knew where it goes.

Before he thought of tailing the reckless guy, he has already switched on a special button on his dashboard that pulled up the real license plate and replaced it with a fake one. So now he's even anonymous. Not a trace. That's the motto.

He pulled down his right front window and started to shoot the 'reckless' car. One clean shot that penetrated the rear and the front window in a direction where the bullet would just stray into the bushes. Another shots on the rear light and one of the rear tyre. The driver was so shocked and hit the brake so hard. A louder screeching was in the air. The car was stopped forcefully and the guy just overtook him and exit from the road towards UPM.

He placed his pistol back into his case. Pulled down the real license plate back to his place and it was like nothing happened. The reckless driver was trembling in fear and couldn't believe what just happened.

Of course it hit the news the next day. It was on the main news everywhere. The reckless driver was interviewed and he told them the whole story. "I was driving like normal when suddenly this guy was shooting at me!! It's crazy!!"

In small secluded apartment, the guy was watching the news. "Oh really~~ Like normal huh?". He reached his Iphone and punched some numbers. A voice was at the other end of the line answering. 

"You drive like normal huh? You really are an ass my friend"
"Who is this!!!"
"Nope..nope..don't hang up on me..You should know better why I shot your car right? That ain't normal drive that evening jackass"
"Oh My God!!! That was you!!! You dick!! What have I done!!! Why did you do that?!!"
"Remember your stunt cutting me off, made me hit my brake so hard, no apology hand-wave, nothing and you were so cocky inside your cheap car? And you said 'you drove like normal huh'? You could kill someone with your way of driving ok"
"But that's not a good reason to shoot my car asshole!!"
" should I shoot you instead. It would be way easier than finding your number..."


"Hello~~~ you there? Your house sure has a nice fence friend. Is it automatic?"
"Whhh..whhatt do you want from me?"
"Why don't you tell the real story to the media huh? Everyone wants to know the truth don't they? How about you give one?"


"You better do it. And don't ever think hiding at your quiet hometown in Jelebu would help my friend. Dont drag your parents into this. It would be uglier"
"How did you.....Oh my god!! Please leave me alone...please I beg you~~~"
"Then you know what to do"


The next day, the reckless driver was on the news with an update of his story telling how reckless he was and that might be the reason his car was shot. When asked by the reporters and the policemen why he didn't tell them earlier and why now..he just answered, 

"I just don't want someone else reckless out there think they could always get away with it. You can't expect other driver to brake for you and do nothing you know"

And somewhere, some place, someone is smiling


zonaku said…
marahnya ko nul.. sabar yer...

er... emmm..
x pe la
moment said…
aku pun ade pistol kt dashboard... Tp pistol mainan najihah..huhu
RinaE said…
Jolobu eh. kampung Wan den tu.
ken said…
is this a true story?
Mak Su said…
hoh! biar betoi....
Masy said…
wohooooooooo me likeyyyy
syah shah said…
kalaulah for real... hohohohoh :D :D
syah shah said…
eh, cam ada iras-iras cite dalam criminal minds tak silap haku... :D :D
Anonymous said…
I'm Glad i ran across this site.Added to my bookmark!