The pain in the team (not ass ok)

Right after I reached my table this morning, my team lead was grinning and asking me to check my inbox. "Check your inbox dude". But while waiting for my lappy to boot, I read the mentioned email from my friend's laptop. It was a reply mail from my susah-mau-cakap-la team-mate. It's an email filled with emotion and wrong accusation.

To begin the story, I've sent an email to my team, (my team-lead and her) and my manager regarding my leave plan. I'm planning to have my leave on 24-30th November and again on 3rd December. I was actually hoping to get a GO to work from home on 29th and 30th, because 3-day leave might probably gonna be an issue if there are tonnes of workloads in the queue (yes, I'm that committed to think about work even during my leave plan).

But at the same time, I don't want the management think that I purposely request for WFH so that I could continue having the luxury of not coming to the office and save my leave balance. You feel me? So in the email, I wrote is as playful as I always am;

I can actually work from home on any of those days, but I don’t want to abuse the WFH flexibility just to continue the luxury of not coming to the office =]. So, if there’s a need on any of that days, I would be able to work from home and deliver an efficient daily support as usual=]. 

Ok, the smiling icon was not put there for no reason. I hope you guys could feel the humour and at the same time the intention to get the WFH if it's OK. 

And, that Asu replied my mail with this;

Hi Team,

I do not agree and never have the same feel like you to feel luxury WFH.   I have to work at Johore while looking after my Dad (don’t you think this is luxury??).    As there are works to be done, and I hope to better utilise my times completely while I have a rest time, so that it will not burden me with a lot of pending works/critical unread emails while coming back to office later.   I can take care my family while working at the same time (don’t you think this is Perfect!), and I would think it’s really essential for a working mother like me.    For me, WFH is more on flexibility, times saving and sometimes it could be more productive especially when you are alone working at the computer and be more focus on works.   Of course, don’t abuse and over utilised it unless we really need it in such a situation.

Think twice before you say something.   It may not be true and can hurt people’s feeling.    Be kind, considerate for people’s difficult situation, understanding,  professional, and always respect people.    God is watching us .   Amen!


I was like..what the fart la~~ Old wisdom say "sapa makan cili dia terasa pedas" (don't know the english version).  Yes, she was working from home and taking leave last week to look after her dad. And we understand that. I would be doing the same is I were in her shoes. It has nothing to do with her. I've even asked my manager about my mail and he said, "I don't see it as a big issue. In fact, I don't see it as an issue at all". See?? 

The Asu even CCed the manager in the mail. My manager is the client, so it's not a good thing to show the team's issue to them. Bad repo. So, I replied her mail without CCing my manager saying that it's not about her at all. That we understand her difficulty, that she's being too emotional and everything in the email is directed to me and only me.

Then I asked her about the "think twice". I asked her why did you CCed the manager? It was the 2nd time she CCed unrelated higher level person which is supposed to be internal. You know what she replied me after that?

"I just followed you when you CC him first. Only God knows who is telling the truth and the lies"

Ahahahaha. What the...What could you see from this? Just let me know. If I'm wrong, I would admit. I'm not an egoist that would never admit my wrong. I even apologized to her.

1. You said to think twice but the fact you CCed the manager just because I CCed him??? I CCed the manager because I need to let him know my leave plan. You?? Trying to make me look bad was it?? Think twice Asu.

2. WFH is actually not for us to be used. It's subject on the manager's discretion. And that is the reason why I CCed him. And you were saying?? "Don't you think this is perfect??!!" What the fart!!! Now you know why you were offended right? Coz you were the one that always WFH giving your family as excuse like other people doesn't have family??

Asu, when I work from home, I execute my daily task as efficient as ever. Sometimes even better because at home, I don't have the luxury for tea-time or taking some break outside. I give my team the update needed. But you?? When you work from home, we are not sure if you really are working, you still give the same excuse "tak sempat lagi", then our team-lead had to remind you of your job, had to give you a call, had to mail you asking on the progress. And when he did that, you said "Please don't push me. I need to test it thoroughly". And at the end of the day, our team lead is doing your job!! What kind of consultant are you?? And the fact you are paid more than us?? It hurts a lot!!

Hello~~~ Everyone needs to do their jobs thoroughly. That is our responsibility. But adhering to the time is one of our responsibility as well Asu. Ok?? It was really childish la all of your excuses. Haiyaaa~~~ My manager did reply to her mail and came to my place after that. The only comment out of his mouth was "I think she's too emotional. I understand you (when I was explaining things), I don't see any issue out from your email". Fyuuhh~~~ If I'm wrong, why even the manager feels me maaa??


RinaE said…
well said.

anyways, what kind of a consultant is that? so unprofessional ok. too personal! too emotional! the client will see u guys as a team differently now, esp her. some day, bad apples will be removed from the basket. just wait.
HEMY said…
yaa~~ I really am hoping for that. If I was paid like the contractor, like 20K a month, I would just ignore her and do my thing

but NGA was miraculously take her in. Haih~~~

But so far, the parasite remains on top of the chain. most of the cases, others just have to do their works
arianna adrizal said…
aku lak emosi dgn dia tu. huh.
RinaE said…
thts y. hw come she made it during the interview, then after that, when she saddles the job responsibility, this kind of attitude starts oozing out.
seriously, if i were a client, i'd tell your boss to remove this cancer from continuing eating up your flesh.
wfh is a shell given privilege. so long as u deliver your tasks, y should she bother abt othr ppl going on wfh. and her email sounds more like a personal attack. if she were a highly-paid prefessional consultant who is unhappy abt something, she cud simply walk up to the boss and have a casual chat about it. bukan main lempar email macam ni. she's only adding more salt to her wound (i think shes in pain, hence her tantrum email). buat malu je saya bekas ahli membacanya. ada jugak org mcm ni keje dlm co mcm shell, client from all over the world.
zonaku said…
some people thinks they are higher n mighty than others because they wanted it too much.

this is one of the sample.

sabor jer la anul, payah2 sgt, korang built a case n make sure she pays for it
syah shah said…
pehhh... sabo ajelaa dealing with this kind of people... itu yang kekadang aku cakap, you're already on top of the ladder, but your mentality is still six feet under... heh.
hemy said…
Rina, we did ask couple of times to remove her. but maybe no one wants to do our support team...huhu. so, she's been defended by asking us to build the evidence bla bla bla. dia attack pn takde sapa support rina

zona : dia ni tak mighty pun..ahahaha

syahshah " nice quote..len kali aku guna
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
suka jugak quote dr syah tu :)...nampak sgt lah team mate ko tu emo di salah tempat :P:P
Kniedaz said…
ish ish..tak abis lagi upanya perangai makcik someone like her here too but different situation :P
HEMY said…
fiza...mmg dh betol pn dia emo...

kniedaz, rsanya byk jenis org cmni kat sume tempat ada
syah shah said…
kalo ko guna sila kasi credit kat aku... muahahahahah :P :P
Mak Su said…
sohih tak paham maksud alive, ..... mengong plus bengap itu asu