Nag to clear my mind

hentian pekeliling

We went to Alamanda for our lunch today. Some of my colleagues and I would be going there once or twice a month. Spend some time in the arcade to play some games coz it helps us to free some of the tense-clogs that is caused by various kind of reasons. The users, the tasks, the workload and for team member!!~~

Nothing special happened to me this week. Everything revolves normally. The tennis session is going to be reduced significantly this week. The port we are used to booking is closed for the week to accommodate some other event. MMU courts are not play-for-free anymore. They've just started to use the booking system by early this week. Outsider has to pay RM12 for an hour and max 2 hour. The booking needs to be in place 5 days in advance too. A soft signal saying "outsiders are not welcomed" surely captured nicely.

So, I'm gonna have more time spent at home during the night. I would have my dinner every time after the tennis session ended with the lads. But now, being at home after 6 would definitely pushes me back to my no-dinner routine. Oh, I had 3 mangoes last night for dinner. Nice huh??

Maybe I ought to take my father in-law advice this time? "Gi surau malam-malam"



Masy said…
gi surau gi surau pastu dtg shah alam melantak abc fradooo hehe
gi surau mana mlm2?hahaha
syah shah said…
ye, bernas sungguh cadangan abah mertua ko tu... heheheheh :D :D
@xiM said…
BAGUS La tu gi surau malam malam
boleh mendekatkan diri kita dengan Allah..
arianna adrizal said…
bagus la pak mentua siap kasi nasihat.. ;)