Messed up things around a nice interview

 I went for an interview this morning. I just trying my luck and wanted to have an interview experience as someone who has a career experience in the field that is applied. It's actually quite some time since my last interview with the headhunter months before. 

I was pretty confidence actually as the position that I've applied requires a knowledge that I certainly have and gained in my first 2 years in my recent company. It's just that the miscellaneous things prior to the interview that needs to be checked. The application form needs to be filled up, the photocopy of my IC and my certificates. I mean the SPM and college certifcates!! Hahaha. The last time I checked on the certificate was on 2007.

The appointment is set on a short notice. They called me yesterday and asked me to come for an interview this morning. I slept at 2A.M last night coz I need to send urgent document first to the business analyst. I woke up and made myself a tea to stay awake and googled the direction.

First chaos - I forgot to bring the application form home. I left it at the office after I printed them. I asked my housemate to print it from his printer but it's out of ink. So, I thought I just need to come early so I could ask them to print it for me and fill it up while waiting.

2nd Chaos - When I've already prepared everything for the interview, I couldn't find my belt. I wear jeans everyday to work. I don't even remember the last time I wear it!! I tried to find it in my room, see if my other housemates have a spare one but to no avail. And 1 of my housemate has a belt, but the waist size is way bigger than mine. Hence,what the fart~~ I went to the interview belt-less.

3rd Chaos - When I've finally arrived and parked my bike, I got a call from the interviewer. I was like "rilek lah..awal lagi. Nak ingatkan kot". But when I reached the office, it's already 15 minutes late. Ahahahaha. When the interviewer asked me about the document, I mentioned to her I left it at the office and I didn't manage to print my IC. But I brought the softcopy in my pendrive. I handed it to her to be printed. 

4th Chaos - After the interview done (don't wanna talk about the interview lah. It's just as nice as it should simply put=]), I returned back the access card to get my license, and rode home. When I reached my room then I remember that my pendrive is still with the lady. Aiyaaaa~~~

What a mess up miscellaneous things in an interview apart of a nice interview I had. Surely having the knowledge or expertise in the area you are being asked is a better!!

Thanks to Fieza Kyrana and Sexy Beast for following my humble yet cute blog. =p


Too many chaos but I do hope that everything will be just fine for U my dear bro~

Sat, tak pakai belt?

Masy said…
chaos giler. tp tu lah. lg nak cepat, lg laaaaa lambat. apo nk buat, dah mendapat.

eh mcm pantun plk. hehe
HEMY said…
thanks zara..yup tak pakai tali pinggang...wat labuh2 baju kasi tutup gurindam perut lapa ko je
zonaku said…
kalau dapat tu kira sebab mmg betul rezeki la.. macam2 aral melintang...

kalau x dapat tu, dah ada byk petanda kannnnn...... bukan rezeki la tu
Ann said…
aih mcm2 jd bila nk itvw ni eh...kalo de rezeki, de lah...jnji dh wat yg tbaik