Sudah bertambah setahun umur. tapi beza umur kita akan tetap sama...aku lebih muda!! Kih kih

her 2*th birthday

September 16th, our Malaysia Day. We get a nice holiday for it since last year. Niceeee~~~ And it's even better coz September 16th is my wife's birthday. So, you can say that because my wife is happy that it's her birthday, she gives the day off for you guys!!! Mwahahahaha~~~

I didn't write this entry on the exact date purposely because tak best la if I wrote it when she's sneaking at my back when we were still at my in-laws kan and she could even read it right after I published it and when I was still in front of her. There's no kick on that~~~

I celebrated it with a simple outing with my in-laws accept my their dad at Sekayu Waterfall. We were heading back to Kuala Terengganu when we came up with the plan. So we texted the rest and they agreed. We went there by dad's Serena and Ateh's City. Ateh needed to go back to Kuantan right after that.

We brought along, Haikal's tent as our 'fitting room' there. An hour drive, the Serena was considered a van, so the entrance/parking fee was Rm3 while other cars is Rm1. Along drove the Serena as she's already used to drive it. The traffic was not that busy during the journey towards the waterfall.

Upon arriving, we registered our names at the guard post and set up the tent and brought it just by the river near to the spot that we've picked. The clear crystal water was so irresistible. It was so refreshing~~~ And when we've already shaking cold, we would warm ourselves up with the help of the sun and plunged ourselves into the water again.

Cold water = hungry stomach. We had our meal that have been prepared.



Around 2P.M, we changed to our dry clothes, packed up and walked out of the place and performed our prayers at the nearest mosque by the entrance junction. Ateh parted way with us right after that and we headed home with Along still steering the van. The journey felt soooo long due to the traffic light and the cars filling up the road.


It was a simple one for Cembam. No cake as I planned to buy a vanetta Ice cream before I found out that Haikal is not encouraged to eat them. Hmmm...I asked Cembam if she wanted to go anywhere else during the night, eat somewhere or do anything but later that night both of us feel tired and sleepy.

Happy Birthday Cembam, Nyaiku my dearest wife. Love you. Oh, forgot to mention..the present? It has been claimed couple of days before the actual date. Cembam wanted a new handbag and I was going to buy it for her birthday. So, she asked me to buy it in advance. Hahahaha. And, it was the first birthday we could celebrate together coz usually her birthday ended up during the Hari Raya and we didn't celebrate Hari Raya together back then. Remember, we were not married yet then?? Hehehe


Pocket said…
having the first raya with a new family in the house is different. Wait till u have your first baby.. it'll be more different.

how great it is for having a birthday the same day as some national holiday!!
then u dont have the excuse to forget her birthday ever!..heheheh

vanetta ice cream is not adviseable?
zonaku said…
'nearest most' ???????

happy bday cembam.... nice bag. later it will be your doraemon pocket!

Kyuubi_85 said…
:) happy birthday to cembam! err.. belated hehe
Masy said…
hepi blated bday cembam!
Erina Asmawani said…
wahh..bestnye birthday cuti umum. Best2! aku nye birthday tahun ni pun cuti umum. Deepavali. Weheeeee. Cotiii!! Suka! ;p

Neway, happy beday cembam..nice handbag. Tahun depan ley tambah satu lagi "handbag". Lalalala~
HEMY said…
pocket..not the vianetta..but the icecream itself. My brother in-law has mild asthma, so they really strict with what he eats

and yep..i dont have the excuse to not celebrate my wife's birthday coz it even a holiday!!!

thanks zonaku for mentioning the typo..already fixed and thanks for the wish

thanks kyuubi

Uuuhh..Masy. Wish kat madu ye..ahahahaha!!!

Erina : ekekekee..handbag ke pouch??? mekasih wish..

ait..saja je bgtu bday deepavali ni
syah shah said…
hepi belated besdei Cembam!! :D :D

mak hakunye besdei 1 mei dari dulu duk cuti, tak heran pon tauuu... Mueheheheheheh :P :P :P
HEMY said…
oh..ex ku bday 1 mei gak..tak heran pun..mwahahahaha
moment said…
air sekayu masih jernih mcm dulu...

dulu tempat field trip..

umah kecik2 tu katna? sekayu kah? dulu xde lagi..huhu
HEMY said…
haah...chalet baru...cung lupa lak nk tanya rate dia
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
happy birthday malaysia
happy birthday ceee..


errr.. nape susah sgt nak wish ni..
errr.. cuba sekali lagi eh

happy birthday cembam
*mulut muncung2* tanda nak henbeg gak!!

hemy said…
kih kih...i belikan handbag...i dapat apa???

wink wink!!
alamak terlambat pulak komen.

tak boleh nak buat onar har har har..

epy befday to her