The smiles on Hari Raya with each of the sparkles of the firecrackers!!

A week before Hari Raya, my wife and I visited my parents. As we were spending the Hari Raya at my in-law's, we've already agreed that it would be a must to visit the other parents a week before Hari Raya. We had a nice Iftar with my parents and the next day we went to my Grandma's house to have the Iftar with her.

My sisters were on their way from Shah Alam that evening. We had a simple yet joyous Iftar with my uncle, my auntie and their kids. Grandma looks healthy and laughed hard everytime a joke filling up the air. I was performing my maghrib prayer when my sisters arrived.

My brother in-law, Fik bought a box of various fire-crackers and mercun for our nieces and nephews to play with. I couldn't find the time to search for some firecrackers for them and I had not seen any hawkers selling them. Fik said he ordered them from his friend.

my niece and nephews

These are my nephews and nieces and that big one is my sister. See my niece on the most right with her glamorous smile. So love it when she smiled like that!!~~~

zaqwan_zebra joy


Fik and Nurul managed to try the Zebra toddler outfit that they bought couple of weeks before. Hehehe. See those gleeful gestures of Zaqwan. But when I asked my auntie when they visited our house 4 days ago about the zebra outfit, she said it's kinda hot for Zaqwan to wear the outfit during the mid day.

Hari Raya would be so special if we get to see all of our loved ones, see the smiles on each of their faces, the laughters and the tears when we sincerely ask for forgiveness among each others and all of these are priceless. 

I like Zonaku's comment on my previous entry to answer a comment from one fellow blogger saying that buying bungapi and mercun is just like burning your own money and she answered "Alaaa..setahun sekali je, yang isap rokok tu tiap-tiap hari bakar duit". Ahahahaha!!! So true Zonaku!!! And it's for the sake of those lovely smiles kan~~~


zonaku said…
hehehee..... my family pasti main, n kaw2 punya. n kids play under adult's supervision.

no modification at all...
hemy said…
betul tu zonaku, kalau uder supervision patut ok je ye dok

aim-a : mekasih la..malu aku ko kata aku comel

zara : kalau aku dapat aku nye ko nak lawat tak?
Erina Asmawani said…
ahaa..comel2 belaka anak buah ko..especially si zebra tu. Aummm! montel..geget kang!

mana lagi best..raya umah mentua ke umah sendiri? :)
HEMY said…
dua-dua belah ada keseronokan dan kebestan nya combine dua tu mmg sgt syokkk