Purple theme raya

On the 4th Raya, Nyai wore her purple new baju kurung. Luckily I have my 3 year-old purple baju melayu. So I was going to wear that to match her outfit before I realized someone else has already wore it. My dad!! Ahahaha~~ D.E.M. So I had to wear the other purple Baju Melayu that we made for our family during our wedding last time. But it doesn't come with the pants.

Purple theme

When we were getting ready, my mom showed us her newly made baju kurung that used the 'kain pasang' that we bought together with her before Hari Raya. Mom managed to get it ready on time. She was so happy to wear it. Well, that was before suddenly my dad went to her room asking Mom what was she going to wear.

"Pakai la ungu. Sama.."

Ekekeke..It seems, abah wanted to have the lovey-dovey feeling that we shared by wearing the same colour. When Abah looked at our matching purple, he asked mom to wear purple as well coz he was wearing my purple baju melayu at that time. Mom was like refusing "alaaa~~~ dah cantik baju ni. Nak tukar pulak~~". Kekeke..sian my mom. Her new baju kurung mood was spoiled. So Mom changed to her purple baju kurung that we made during our wedding.

My 2010 Raya

Like always, the tradition is to take picture before we started our baraan. Masy already commented on my jeans in the FB. Well, the answer why I didn't wear a full suit is because my handsome dad there in the middle was wearing my purple baju melayu. The one left was the one without the pants. Huhu~~

Then we went to one of our relative's house situated in the middle of the padi field. A nice view. We've went there twice. Our uncle's family tagged along too. They chatted about life and it was time to leave. But before we leaved, we took our pictures together.

The family

Tengok je la bapak aku tu...bukan main lagi gaya pose. Sama la ngan menantu dia baju merah tu..ahaahahaha!!

We continued our baraan to the next house. We parked at our cousin's house but we crossed the 4-lane road to visit the other house first. That was when I spotted a nice old tractor that would be a great backdrop for our picture. Hehehehe~~~


Tadaa~~~. Kalau kena editing dia...lagi memuah gambar ni..ekekeke

On the way to cross to the other side of the busy road, I managed to take my wife's shot in the middle of the road. There's a nice space in the middle of the road where cars could stop to make turns, so we utilized it nicely apart of the busy road.

In the middle of the road

When we reached our cousin's house, he was asking me "ko sayang tak bini ko..amek gambar tengah-tengah jalan". Ekekeeke...

And the purple raya story ends here~~


zonaku said…
every pic, i love your dad's spirit of making it fun!

best tol la!
Jard The Great said…
bapa ko lagi chumel dari ko.. ekekeke
ala pakai jeans dgn baju melayu..

cam ada kecacatan di situ..
Bit Zamri said…
shuke nyer tgk pic 1st tuh!..
bagai pinang di belah sebelas! hahahah~
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
apa jawapan ko kat cousin ko tu??


errr.. tenkiu... :D tp cousin ko tnya ko syg cembam ke tak?? bukan tnya syg aku ke tak??

aku dah lama tau ko syg aku..

zella y said…
gambar pon smua cantik2....
pkai la seluar bj melayu tu skali... ;)
HEMY said…
jard, tkkan nk ckp aku lg comel kan..terus terang sangat ye dakkk

mrs azmi : thanks

GKSB n zella y: takde suar laaaa

bit zamri : thankss

KTS : ishy..mana ada lama..baru je sayang...ahahaha
bapa kamu seronok amat!


Mak Su said…
teringat masa baru kawin ngan paksu, 1st year raya dia pakai baju melayu purple :)