Highway 110, Jalan Jabor 140..nice~~ 3rd Raya punya citer

3rd Raya morning, we packed our things, ate the breakfast that my MIL has prepared for us and heated up the car engine. It was time to head to Sabak Bernam. I know that when I came back, there would be a nice tapai pulut waiting for me. Hehehe. I asked for more tapai ubi before we leaved Atok's house. Ekekeke.

We used Jabor link (suka2 je letak nama) to evade the traffic lights. It always the best option..err well, the only option if those wanted to hit the LPT Highway. We were not rushing it, and that's when I decided to stop by the road for a while and take a picture of a swamp which looks like a lake, or was it a lake?? that could be found around Bandar Muktafi Billah. I've been watching it everytime I used the road, but I was always in the pace to reach my in-law's. That day, I had all the time I've ever wanted.


You could see lots of UMNO's flags sticked all over the swamp. I guess it's their 'territory'. But I like the view. This is the best view out of the shots I took. The reflection was so nice~~. And then we hit back the road.


We kicked off at 8.30A.M and arrived at 4P.M. An 8-hour drive, similar to a full day office hour. Hehehe. We had to drive 60-80km/h when we reached Kuala Selangor coz of the 'money maker'. Haishh~~ When we arrived and emerged from the car, the first thing I heard was abah complimenting us.

"Wah..baju sama la..kawin, rapat mesra~~~"

Hehehe. These were the checkered shirts that we bought before Hari Raya. It was not that same in colour, but still giving a nice impact of "we are in love" expression. And straightaway I pulled out the camera from my bag and asked my sister to take a picture of us. Kindly ignore our oily faces, penat weh~~ 8-hour drive ok!!~~.

Pose pengantin baru skit~~~

We didn't go anywhere after that, rest at home when one of my cousin came visiting with her 2 adorable princesses. The kakak has already OK with us, talking and watching the television. But the adik was jual mahal and aloof la konon. When I brought out my camera to take their pictures, both of them were like sparkling eyes and said "Nak~~~". Ekekeke. Everyone has it's price. Then the adik started to pose with the kakak. They even posed with everyone of us. Hehehe. 

my nieces

 Wif my dad~~

Couldn't post the one with my wife and I coz Cembam was wearing her sleeveless baju tido at that time. Tak sabar tol..ekekeke.


zonaku said…
aku br nk komp,len muka ko nmpak sememeh, berminyak n kutukan y seangkatan, tp ko pesan lak to ignore...

tapi aku kutuk gak! hehehheheheeee
Mak Su said…
penat pun berbaloi, nak jumpa yg tersayang :)

kemeja pun sedondon :)
syah shah said…
sampai sekarang pun aku buat jugak lagi perangai pakai baju kaler sama time kuar... rasa cam comel aje... walopon tak pernah sama design dan kadang-kadang kaler lari sikit cam aku pakai biru tua, dia biru muda sikit, janji tema warna tu dah betul... hahahahahah :P :P

kalau pakai baju betul-betul sama design aku rasa cam boria plak... hik hik hik hik :P :P
tu la orang panggil sweet love like a cherry pie.xpa.aku suka gk sedondon2 ni
Masy said…
pose pengantin baru mcm tu eh? bole la aku buat nanti wahahahahahha
PnConfused said…
gambo kedua korang tuh bikin aku jeles babe....

EnCayang nanti cakap..."beratlaaaaa!!" hahahahahha...
arianna adrizal said…
alamak.. aku pun ada selai bj mcmtu la.hahahahhaha!