Everyday is a learning day. Babolat pure drive GT

I've been playing tennis for almost 2 years now. The first year was not an often one. Once a week, then the rain comes, thwarting the session. If you compress the first year's hours of playing, maybe it not even a full month worth. The 2nd year is a more often one. More session that I've played and with various people.

I gain more friends. Those who at first impression, seems to be a strict, not-fun-at all guy is actually a nice and funny person. Doesn't really play to win and there's no pressure to partner with him. More people I get to know deeper and understand better. It's a fun process. And I enjoy every single minute of it.

 I'm going to buy a new 2nd-handed racket from my friend. I can't afford to buy a new one that cost you RM6**. So I would wait for any of them who wanted to upgrade to a new racket. So I would have a nice bargain for a nice racket. Of course it won't come as a new-looking scratch-free one. But it would still have a nice feel and could be used for years. And the new one is not hurting my hand. A big advantageous feature for me!!

I'm using this now; Babolat Pure Drive GT

It's arm-friendly. I don't feel a slightest pain at all when I do my strokes or even after 3 hours of playing compare with my previous racket. Well, my previous racket was not a 2nd-handed racket. It's a 6th-handed racket!!! It has been plunged onto the floor and the cap under the grip was lost due to that. You could feel the stiffness and to play using it for 3 consecutive days, I could feel the pain in my arm.

Hope I would learn more and more about tennis and be a better player!!!


Erina Asmawani said…
erkkk! mahalnye harga reket tenis (T_T)
en_me said…
rajinnyer men tenis abg tewww..
Masy said…
tu dia. klu jahanam reket ni, mau berguling2 jugaklah. huhuhu~
HEMY said…
mahal sbb pakainya mau 5 tahun atau sepanjang karier...huhu
Ann said…
aku penah men tenis ni..tp 1st try, aku give up...bola xlepas2 net..