Crab spider. Built for the kill

Aaaa~~~~ Aaaa~~~~ AAaccheeeewwwww~~~

Just suddenly, I got runny nose and started to sneeze couple of times. I would get this kind of sneezing sensation just like that sometimes without getting wet in the rain or hitting the shower late at night. It just sneezed out without any reason. Hehehe. But then I was back to normal after washing my nostril by the sink.

I was sitting lazily on my sofa, reached the Astro remote and browsed through the channel to find something interesting to watch and keep my eyes open. I would've normally drifted back into my hibernation mode but this morning I just think it would be nice to spend the morning with Astro, surfing the net and sipping the tea.

I watched "Built for the Kill" in the discovery channel. A documentary on how Omnipotent Allah is creating those predators from a very small or even minute organism to the very big one like the python and the crocs. But the one that made me stay put was the Crab Spider.

Credit to Rob Sheppard from the National Geographic. See that yellow camouflaging insect. That is the crab spider. They can blend in with the surrounding (unsure if they have the ability to change their body colour) and stay put for a long time on the flower waiting for it's prey. A bee that has just say goodbye to its princess promising her that she would bring more honey that day would land on this yellow flower and started to suck some honey.

The crab spider would stay in disguise and approach slowly. Its small legs would slowly placed on top of the bee and the bee wouldn't even notice!!! And without warning and without even noticed by the bee, she's already a prey to the crab spider. Just like that. And it's a worth-waiting day for the crab spider. It would suck dry its prey and leave the husk on the ground, get into position..colour checked, and it would wait again for the next meal.

How delicate is every single creature made by HIM. SubhanAllah~~


Ku Tak Sempurna said…



ko bole blend ngan surrounding tak??
Mak Su said…
tapi tak nampak mcm labah2 pun
HEMY said…
bole...ngn ko lagi leh blend habes kts

mak su..tak nampak cm labah2?..ait!! mak su tgok yg mana ni?? bukn yg itam tu yeee
cipatan Allah ...
cantik dan berbisa
zella y said…

menakjubkan sungguh ciptaanNya...

tgk betul2 br aku nmpak heheheh
Ann said…
menakjubkan lah...warna spider tu same ngn bunga tu....

aku cuma kenal yg wrna hitam jer
Erina Asmawani said…
Subhannallah. Ciptaan Allah mmg tiada tandingya.

Sama cam video sesumpah aku tgk kat fb minggu lepas.ley tuka2 semua color. Warna warni. Sgt cantik!!