Cooking together. The collaboration between the blending clan and the lesung clan

I leaved the office around 6 plus. The flyover heading to my place was jammed like always. But this time, I was one of the obedient drivers who was queuing in the line instead of cutting it like I would normally do. And it was surely an irritating experience having to see those cars on your right cutting the line and managed to cross the flyover way before you. Malaysian traffic jams are mostly caused by their own attitudes themselves. But if you don't cut the line, someone else would. So? it's just a matter of time before you change side to the 'cutting' clan.

Then I parked at Jusco Equine hoping to post all my raya cards to you, you and you and disappointed to see the memo "We worked till 5 during fasting month" instead of 8.30P.M. Haishh~~ A waste effort. Had iced lemon tea and sweet corn for my fast-break while driving towards home. So, you are one hell of  a lucky person to get my kad raya after all the effort..=p

Gonna hit the road, balik kampung after the work later, fetch my wife at Pekeliling, hit any nearest eating place for our iftar and have a lovely drive chatting about so many things along the way..=]. The last time we met, we managed to cook our Iftar together.

Bought some crabs coz I was so craving for it. 3KGs of rambutan, a piece of grass-jelly (cincau) and some other stuff. Ahh~~~ My wife bought a couple of Nekbat, a traditional delicacy of Terengganu. Arrived at my wife's rented house, I started to prepare the grass-jelly drink.

Me preparing the jelly drink

Just by a glance, you would know that this guy is so used to the kitchen and a handsome one too~~~ Aahahaha!! So lucky ah marrying him

Then the main event, the crabs!!! Uuu..we bought 3 of them. One of them was a big one. It was my first time ever having a big one like that. Like I said, I was craving for it~~~.

It's not that hard to prepare (siang) the crab. But to cook it in a small pan, that's the challenging part!!~~~

And these are what they called Nekbat. It needs to be cooked by dipping them into a sweet water to let the taste of the sweetness absorbed. But if you asked me, the taste is just like a bahulu that is dipped into the syrup. Hehehehe!!! 

But having to cook together is nice. Well, surely I would prefer if my wife would do all that. But once in a while, by lending her a would make our whole life better isn't it? So what's the harm on doing that??

Thanks for Catalyst Lady , Agusta and Bapak for the recent 'following'. Cheers!!!!



bagus2 pengerat kasih sayang ni...
HEMY said…
hahaha~~~ dem!! patut tiba2 terus 7 komen..terasa diri hot sekejap tadi..ekekeke
zella y said…
msk together2....

zonaku said…
tang mana y lesung n blender tu???????????
HEMY said…
zella Y..thanksss

zonaku, ekekeke..wawa masak guna blender..aku lesung batu punya orang..
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
nasib baik tak pandang lama-lama gambar lelaki tanpa baju tu :P wekeke..

bagus sesekali turun dapur tlg wife..kita tak mintak hari-hari pn tlg, once a while pun dah rasa comel tau :)

Nak sangat rasa nekbat tu wei!

PnConfused said…
aku br nk ty soklan yg sama x=cam zonaku tuuuuu
HEMY said…
Fiza : jgn pandang lama2 nanti terserlah segala aset aku

Lord Zara : johor takde?

Pn confused : kih kih
@xiM said…
Rajin ko masak.
buat ketam masak apa?
LaiLiE iZaNi said…
demm! stat blk ngidam nih....ketam masak cili my mum wat , mmg terbaek....bencinyer!!!!...huhuhuhu
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
haip! haip! mana baju? pi pakai baju!!!


nanti org lain tergoda... bykla pulak saingan ai... ai jeles bang!!

Ku Tak Sempurna said…
kenapalah bila aku tgk lelaki kat dapur sdg memasak atau menyibuk2 memasak, aku akan terguda!!

ahh!! mcmana boleh telepas ke tgn cembam!!

eh eh eh.. hahaha
HEMY said…
@xim : masak cili je

KTS : tak terlepas jauh pn ...masih boleh digapai..ahahaha
syah shah said…
memang comel suami masuk dapur... lagi comel kalu suami buat suma once in a while... hahahahahah :P :P

aku dah merasa, ko bila nak kasi cembam rasa? *wink* *wink* Kikikikikik :P :P
Mak Su said…
marvellous! buat gulai ketam ker goreng cenggitu jer, dia melawan tak sebelum kena siang tu? siap nak bersilat nampaknya si ketam tu, ahaks

bertuah ler cembam, boleh pinjam hemy sat untuk kasik training masak kat anak2 maksu, ahaks ;) (acah jer)
en_me said…
rajinnyerr.. ehehe
Masy said…
over my dead body kata mama ketam. pastu mmg dead pon mereka anak beranak. muahahaahaha
anwar said…
aku tak cam gambar saper tu (pasal muka tak nampak), tapi bila tgk six-pack tu.. baru ku kenai saper dlm gambar tu..hehehe