come on malaysian dramas!! Wake up!! Don't bluff us anymore!!

6:09 A.M - I don't know why, but suddenly I was lying on my chest looking, switching ON my PC and here I am surfing right after my sahur (Late supper as a preparation to fast that day). I just feel want to write something. Especially when I just watched a Malaysian drama where there was a scene which a guy was really admiring this one girl, they were in that famous-to-be-shot college - Lim Kok Wing. The guy was stalking her by taking pictures of her from afar.

But there is one farting fact on every Malaysian drama when it comes to this scene. They would use a DSLR with it's kit lense!!!! Yes!!! Kit lense!!! I bet there are lots of you  bloggers who own a DSLR. Then surely you know what I meant right? To those who's trying to get the 'signal', let me make it easy for you. Kit Lense would not capable to zoom the subject as clear as the drama has shown where the guy managed to get only the whole body of the girl in his camera. There's no way you could do that.

Just imagine you are trying to get a full picture of someone from like 20 metres using your phone camera. Can you really zoom the person?? No right. This is what I meant. I don't know how stupid or how these directors didn't really pay attention on the logic of their scene.

A person who wants to take zoom pictures from afar need to have zoom lenses. Did you see those big white lenses the reporter/photographer use at the football field?? yess...the one you could see at the back of the goal post. Yep!!! You got it!! They need to use that kind of lenses. Let me make it way easier for you guys to understand. See the picture below?


Yes!! You need at least these kind of lenses to get the pictures of what you see in the dramas. The next scene of the drama would be the guy looking at the pictures he has took with a very nice close up portraits of the girl's face. Right??? That is farting ridiculous!! No way they could get that kind of shots.

Huh!! Come on directors!! How stupid you could be. Do you think we are living in a cave era where we would just awed by what you shown to us in your drama??!! Be more particular and produce quality drama in the future please!!! 

And the best part you know what?? Most of the drama for this kind of scene, the guy was a photographer or a student in photography degree. What an Irony huh??!!


since when our dramas keen about those things?

they just keen on how much dinner, breakfast or any meals they should consumes in one episodes.

RinaE said…
... and those lenses have their own tripods too.

plus, local drama shows are too longwinded. MY shud make more brain-cell-igniting shows rather than kisah cinta, cinta, cinta je.

ni mesti kisah epilog syurga cinta right? i noticed tht show ada lari facts more than just using the wrong kind of dslr lense. like a lot!
HEMY said…
lord zara : hahahaha..drama mana ni zara..kih kih

rina : for me, if they have better touch on love story..takpe la..buat je la love story...sbb kang buat lawan2 cm ong laut plak citer tu

ada byk drama dh buat mende buduh ni...kalau scene upah penyiasat persendirian guna kamera bodoh2 gambar close up
syah shah said…
no komen, aku dah tak berapa nak ingat apa aku belajar time subjek photography dulu... tapi aku taula, kalu takde zoom lense memang takleh amek gambo clear dari jauh... lain la kamera ko ade superpower ke mende kan.. hohohohoh :P :P
HEMY said…
syahshah : komen yg ada komen...

ko amek fotografi? really??
k.e.r.i. said…
citer apa eh?

Lagenda Budak Setan?
drama embun mutiara.tak semua orang bodoh.aku tgk scene tu.bila kita komplen pengarah malaysia lemah, kata kita banggakan hollywood drama/ kalau takat menda2 camni pun tak alert,tak benda la sgt dgn dibanggakan