Shopping with woman~~ Need extra energy and foot massage after that

Just arrived at 6.40A.M this morning from Kemaman. Drove home, had a nap to replenish my energy and headed to the office. Really hope this routine would end soon. Oh, please let my wife transferred here.

Last weekend's mission is 'Raya Shopping!!'. My wife's sisters were coming to shop around Kuantan City. I've already said to my wife that "if you asked me, I'm not gonna buy a new baju melayu this year. I have the one my sister bought for me for her wedding. I wore it just once". But then my wife said she would buy for me. "Baru sedondon". What a lucky guy I am huh?


We bought a sedondon pair of these kotak-kotak shirts



And I got a pair of Mustang jeans..murah je..kalau tak, kompem tak kasi my wife belikan

The 4 sisters walking towards their dreams..Ahahahaha~~

So the shopping spree begun and like always, to shop with a woman, you need to have more energy. I've ate as much as I could during my sahur. But that still not enough. I mean, it would not compensate for your aching legs!! My wife couldn't find any baju kurung that she fancied in the east coast mall, so the search continued at Kuantan Parade. I wasn't exhausted yet, but my legs were failing on me..hahaha!!! And after all the pusing-pusing, she didn't buy anything. Ahahaha!! Nice!!!~~

But as a cute, handsome and understanding husband, I just obey and make myself happy during the search. My wife is not always that energetic when it comes to shopping (of course energetic..tak pose!!), but I reckoned that she would have this kind of "I need to find the best for me" spirit when it comes to her baju kurung. And including last weekend, that was just the 2nd time I had to adhere to her passionate shopping walk. That's why I didn't complain..=]. But I kinda happy to look at her cute satisfied smiling face whenever she got what she was looking for.

At 5P.M, we headed to Kemaman but we stopped at Centre Point Mall to fix my wife handphone and I could see a boutique with so many lovely yet simple baju kurung were displayed. The one at the East Coast Mall and Kuantan Parade are for me "not that nice..or not nice at all"..flowery and colourful, so not my taste. But at CP Mall, so many of them are very nice in my eyes. Straightaway, I asked her to pick. So, we ended up buying 2 baju kurung, and a pair of baju melayu. Not pink as I initially wanted to coz I didn't see any nice pink baju melayu this year. Plus, so few of them.

The handphone was fixed, the Baju Kurung is bought, the matching Baju Melayu is found and the Iftar meal for that evening has also been covered. We got 3 pairs of them for RM400 while the normal price should be around RM480!! See, doing it by the man's plan always easier, faster and higher satisfaction. Hehehehe!!!


zonaku said…
dah lama2 nnti, buat mix n match
LaiLiE iZaNi said…
perempuan lau shopping memang akan dapat extra energy...xmakan seari pon xpe, asal dpt pe yg ktorg nk...skali dah dpt, dan3 lapar gle pas2....ehhehehe...
agusta said…
very understanding husband :D
HEMY said…
GKSB : senyummmmm~~~

zonaku : kih kih

Lailie : huishh..dasar pompuan..ahahaha

Agusta, thanks
Syeeda Sobbihi said…
shopping & perempuan, tak dapat dipisahkan. hehe :D
Pocket said…
pocket cukup lemah bershopping,
kaki memang tak larat nak jalan,
lagi lagi kalau sampai kat area pakaian dalaman, lagi la sakit lutut.
Tp sayangkan orang punyer pasal.. diikutkan jua.

nanti nak ajak dia gi kedai akuarium lah plak.. agak nya dia ikut tak all the way?
zella y said…
kalau ckp psl shopping je,aku msti ade super power...msti dpt energy yg lebih hahahah....

kdg2 ppuan pon xsanggup nak ikut aku gi shopping sbb aku klu dh shopping,mmg xigt penat hahahah...

bkn aku xigt penat tp shopping adalah terapi ngeh3...
Ku Tak Sempurna said…
give me 5 cembam


pasni kita bole gi shopping together gether.. selagi tak bekenan, selagi tu kita pusing.... sesuai!!

ahahaha.. ;D
Masy said…
secara amnya, pompuan mmg super power bab soping2 ni.. demam pon bole baik woo hahaha~