Sayang bini tinggal-tinggalkan. Alarm bini berbunyi, tow-truck pun sampai~~

Today is the first time ever since I bought my new camera, I left it at home. Surely when I was thinking about it an hour before, the tragedy that evening started to rush into my brain and I kinda terrified. I don't want to lose my camera for the 2nd time. But today I have to bring something else to the office, and I'm riding my bike. Being someone with 2 'wives', you really need to 'turn-on' each of them fairly to make sure both would last long with you =]. Orang tua-tua kata..kena adil~~~

So, my only ikhtiar is to put my bag under the desk and covered it with some files and boxes. Hopefully it would still be there when I get back. Huisshhh~~~ Cuak cuak~~

My fast-break experience with the in-laws was a nice one. Having 4 in-law sisters surely something I have to get use and I kinda think that I'm getting better at it and at the same time turns out to be a beneficial one. I didn't have to be in the kitchen to lend a hand on the preparation of the meal. Hehehe. It was so awkward when I walked into the kitchen to see if I could do anything and there they were, 5 girls including my wife. So, I just walked outside and called my brother in-law to play football to kill time.

Oh?? Somebody was asking about my sisters?? Oh yeah..they are all single. of them is still too young. But the other 3 are fully ready..mwahahahaa~~. Interested? Send me your CVs. As the man of the house, I have the right to filter you guys...ahahahahaha~~ Now I'm feeling 'pemerdagangan manusia'. Kah kah!!

Yesterday I was working, just the 2 of us here in the office. We continued our work after the break for another hour. Once finished, we walked out of the meeting room and heard a car-alarm from the outside. It must be from either one of our car.

Later we realized it came from my car. I pushed the remote again and again to make it stop. I checked for any reason of the yelling alarm. But I couldn't find any. When I try to start the engine, it didn't start. There was only a ktak-ktak-ktak sound. Luckily my friend has a jumper in his car. We tried with the jumper but to no avail. While calling the toyota hot-desk, I was bewildered on a fact that the security guard didn't even try to notify us about the alarm. They rather just sat at the desk listening to the alarm which was so loud. (I didn't hear it earlier because I was in the meeting room).

The toyota agent informed us that it must be caused by the immobilizer and asked us to send the car to the service center. Like it's just something like a kad raya where you can post it with a stamp. I need a tow truck for that. I called my insurance agent and he gave me the number to call. And after a chain of call, I was promised by the insurance agent that a tow truck personnel would call my mobile.

But we keep on trying. And that was when we learned something new about that tiny 'ODO trip' button. But I'm not clearly sure if the car won't start because of the low battery or the immobilizer. But by trying to rectify both, we got the car running again. Syukur~~ Called the tow-truck and the insurance to cancel the order and we went home.


That was the first time I had a car problem - won't start. Huu~~ Fortunately, no ringgit-casualty is reported. But, Fart you security guard!! Daphne, jangan wat hal lagi ye pasni. Tak cukup ke kasih sayang selama ni abang bagi..tergamak Daphne tengok abang makan ikan kering je 30 hari sebab bayar tow-truck??


Mr PenyuBiru said…
ODO tu menatang ape? 1st time dengor ni.

aku syak bateri kete ko dah weak kut.
HEMY said…
aku pn tak pasti la..rasa macam iye juge...balik ni aku cek air bateri

GKSB : huhu...tak mahal..cuma memeritkan
nurlailie izani said…
Daphne nak majuk2 manje je 2...wakakakak...minta perhatian..=))
~mrs azmi~ said…
oooo button kecik nak stopkan alarm tu name dia ODO button eh.. tak penah tau tapi taula guna dia.... bila bateri kete weak... alarm tak berenti2 tekan saje button itu.... heheh
Masy said…
ODO trip tu bkn ke utk ko set balik milage in case ko nak claim ke ape. let say milage asal 5000, tp ko nk set utk tau brape km ko dah guna utk claim kat opis.

tatau la plk mende tu ade kaitan dgn alarm??
HEMY said…
nurlailie : manje ye diaaaa

mrs azmi : oh, bila alarm dok bunyi tekan tu?

masy : aku pn rasa lebih kurang cmtu...set balik maksud ko jadi kosong ke? tp aku tekan mileage aku sama je
Masy said…
ha jadi kosong. tp bkn dia terus kosongkan milage ko tu. just utk temporary je.. ala.. camne tah nk ckp heheh~
touchmyheart said…
bulan ramadhan ni klu kete problem seksa gak...badan letih kete down...seb baik kete u leh start...rezeki u x pyh kuar duit...
Jard The Great said…
waa.. payahnya dapat tow truck.. utk perodua.. call any service center.. mesti diorg hantar tow truck *cakap dari pengalaman.. ehehe

syukur.. duit kamu slamat
kata kila said…
errrr.ODO tu ape eik?huhuhuu
apasal aku pun tak tau.herm..
Anonymous said…
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