And it's the story of her..still~~

Another self-terawih night. After I missed 2 nights of terawih due to traveling (fast-break with the in-laws), as a normal person who would succumb under the whisper of my nafsu, I was sooo lazy to walk to the surau. So worse come to worst, I better perform it myself and not to miss the rahmah that HE offers.

My friend a.k.a my team lead and I were logging off. It's already 6 and most of the muslim colleague have already gone home. My friend approached our susah-la-mau-cakap team mate to discuss something about work before he left the cubicle.

"Tomorrow, we need to sit together and discuss about the enhancement"
"Then the test document?

A test document is where you put detail of function or a change done to the system and where you attach printscreen detail regarding the function or the change. Normal person could prepare that less than an hour. 

"I have something else to do. Need to manually update this lor. Can we do that on Friday?'
"Oh..Ok la". My friend don't wanna waste his time and dont wanna start quarrel and just say OK about it.

Shit. That's a day of delay. A day!! 8 hours of working man for something as simple as that. And the best part of that, she used the portion of my scope of task that has been assigned to her as the reason she was so occupied. What the fart!!. 

Manually updating personal data for 40 person surely a time-consuming task (For those who familiar with SAP). But I can assure you that 2 hours is the most to do that. It's just a copy-paste task. And I've already gave her 3 hours of the access to do that by the time we were leaving and she was still doing it. A day of delay on a requested task?? That farting inefficient woman....INEFFICIENT!!

Then, earlier today I sent email to notify the team that I would take 30th Aug off and use the replacement leave that I got by working last Sunday. My friend was also sending email that he would be working at night because of the meeting. So somebody needs to come to work like usual that day coz our team is not supposed to be 'unattended' on the management eyes. 

I was hoping for someone normal who didn't manage to come on Sunday to work with the team and even needed to be contacted personally by her team lead about what she supposed to do would morally try to compensate by working on that day. I guess, she's not normal. Can't blame her at the same time coz by taking the 30th off, you will get 5 days off. But the best part is;

"If you force me to work that day then it's ok but I need your permission to work from home". Force? Shit..what the fuck. Then my friend answered "No, I'm not gonna force you".

"I was thinking of taking my replacement leave on 30th also, but Hasnul sent the communication first"

Fart!! She even thinks she is deserves for the replacement leave for working on last Sunday. She worked from home when even I managed to come after 6 hours journey from Kemaman. She logged it at 1P.M when we were supposed to start the task at 10 A.M. My friend even had to do her task during the closure when she didn't give the document needed that Sunday and she was saying that she needed more time coz her kids were bugging her. 

Aiyaaa..I didn't have the heart to work from home apart of the journey because my team lead was coming to the office that Sunday. It's a team spirit woman and you were the one saying that our team lack of it when you are the one who doesn't have it. I don't even think she deserves the replacement leave. The communication that we need to work on Sunday was sent 3 weeks earlier. Of course you could plan before hand right. And if your kids might be an issue, coming to the office is definitely the best option right?

Sometimes if I were to be asked by the management "are you happy with your work?". I would answer, "yes in a way and surely no in a way". And you know what I meant by it.


Sometimes we need to pretend.
But somehow, we need to be happy and we deserve it.

Hope U can have the bliss feeling in everything U do bro.
HEMY said…
I am happy and I don't have to pretend on that coz I know how to make myself happy no matter where I am and what I do

thanks Zara =]. Mmmuaahhhh
moment said…
eh ade cara tak ko nk kenekan dia?

ke kerja korg berkait? xpun klu dia xsiap, suruh dia siapkan ondespot then korg duk tepi meja dia tunggu.. sure dia stress!~
HEMY said…
moment...esok aku akan cari tiket yang bagi kat dia..n aku nak kasi dia leh wat keje lain tanpa bagi alsan keje portion aku tu

tak kuasa la nk tggu dia..dia dtg lmbt!!!
Nia said…
ieee,..handle kerja yg sama dgn dia ke?..payah tu..mcm kena byk sabar je ni..
HEMY said…
takde la sama...part yg berbeza..sian kat team lead la..aku..wat hal aku je
Masy said…
kakak tu kurang minum milo, tu yg tak efisyen tu.
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
em...nasib baik team lead ko sgt bertimbang rasa & jwp dgn polite je kt dia kn. kalau org lain, rasanya dah lama kene sembur..

susah kan nak keje dgn org mcm ni. opinion aku, tak kisah kita keje bape jam sehari as long as keje kita siap & tak susahkan org lain ;)
syah shah said…
kerja bertangguh-tangguh... sungguh tak efisyen...

aku buat jugak kerja bertangguh... tapi mana yang tak urgent laa... yang urgent aku push dulu kasik siap... heheheheh :P
Mak Su said…
soal kerja ni mmg adakalanya sangat mendidihkan darah, you know what's best for you, if you're right - go ahead. sometimes, we have to speak, kalau tak, manjang kena aje ler