Enjoy your life to the most even during your working hours

I'm gonna share a little piece of my daily life of 8 hours a day and 5days a week routine to get a slice of the world's joys, drama and dreams. A huge part of my life for these past 4 years. Enjoying every learning curves, trudging along the ticking hours and counting the passing days.

A sip of coffee for a better focus

Right after I switched on my laptop, logged into my profile, I would take my black mug and walked towards the pantry to fill it up with the black coffee with some added creamer. It's a start of my daily office days. I would then read through my emails, marking some of them to prioritize my work throughout the day. Handling the most important task first and followed by the rest.

my preferred pen

After couple of hours staring into the monitor, blinking every now and then, I would take my eyes off and start scribbling randomly just to rest my eyes. Put some drops of "Permata Hijrah" that I bought months ago. I would browse my personal websites. blogs, posting status and comments, blogwalking and lots more.

The eyes refreshment

Some snack with make my day more delicious of course. But now, only the empty container left. That was the last time it's filled with something. Hehehehe. Gonna buy some new stocks later.

At my desk

And there I am..enjoying my work on my comfortable chair, looking at the monitor of my lappy and my LCD concurrently attending my users on what they asked and what they requested.

You can enjoy your life even during your work~~~


moment said…
simple ok..huhu
apsal cam bergabus dlm bilik tu? hehehe
Masy said…
tetibe terik je dlm opis kan.. ini kompem edit neh hehehehe

jajan apekah itu?
zonaku said…
ok la tu....


xkan satu mug jer????? sampai petang ker tahan tu???

dari kopi panas ke kopi ais la jadinya kannnn
*~ aRaBeLLa ~* said…
kat tajuk hang tertinggal huruf j..huhu
weh.cemana buat fake lighting tu?aku dok cari xjumpa2....kasi ajar sikit
zella y said…
aku rasa enjoy time keje bila boss aku xde miahahaha...
syah shah said…
aku cuma minum kopi tme brekpes dan time lunch break... lain time cuma minum air kosong... heheheheh :D :D

dan I enjoyed working when the boss & anak boss not around... kalo diorang ade, kerja aku dah plan elok-elok, abes suma jadik kelam kabut.. hangen jaa...
HEMY said…
edit skit jard nmpk mcm keja kat alam fantasi

tu jajan stok opismate aku plak isi..

zonaku : aku stat minum byk air kosong lening

cik mooney...pakai filter->render->lensflare..then ko blur kan skit kasi real

ahahaa...masing2 enjoy time boss takde je..demmm
Fiza Z. Abidin said…
owh gambar itu sgt-sgt menggambarkan bertapa indah nya suasana di office yer :P:P