Supersize Me - how lethal your double cheese burger could be

Hi!! Just wanna share something I watched before I drifted into my deep sleep. I watched couple of documentary movies given by my colleague. It's an informational media and I do think it's somehow adding up my knowledge pool. Hehehe.


In America, there were some cases in the past of suing McDonald for their sickness, their health failure and illness. The lawyers tried to win the case but at the end, the plaintiffs couldn't win the case because 'Plaintiffs have failed to allege that consumption of the McDonald food causes their injuries'.

A guy named Morgan was so concern about how dangerous the fast food might be as almost 50% of American are obese and even as early as at the age of 5!! He was inspired to prove how bad the heavy consumption of the fast food especially McDonald in this movie by only eating McDonald for 30 days.

His girlfriend is a nutritious food chef and didn't really agree with him but was supporting him throughout the movie. Before Morgan started his mission, he went to see 3 doctors for his medical supervision. A cardiologist, a gastroenterologist and a general medical practitioner. He was a very healthy man with a good fitness and a non-smoker.

He only ate McDonald for 30 days. Every single menus they have. McDonald used to have a supersize menu which is way bigger than the large size we have here in Malaysia. He needed to eat 3 meals everyday-breakfast, lunch and dinner. During his medical checkup, the doctor didn't really reckon that eating McDonald for 30 days would contribute to his weight drastically. But he was wrong

Morgan started to feel a chest pressure after2 weeks of McDonald, feeling so stress and he had a hard time to climb the stairs. After 30 days of McDonald;

1. Gained 24.5 Ibs
2. Fat liver
3. Cholesterol level of 230
4. 18% body fat from 11% body fat
5. 2x heart failure and 2x heart disease
6. Depressed, exhausted and mood swings
7. Worthless sexual capability
8. Massive craving and headache

After all that bad things he got, his girlfriend Detox Diet got his cholesterol and liver functions back to normal in 8 weeks. That's double the time he earned that bad things inside him. It took him 14 months to lose 24 1/2 pounds that he earned in just a month!! 

After 6 weeks of this movie premiere, McDonald got rid of their supersize meal. In March 2004, the congress made a decision to make it illegal for people to sue food companies for making them obese.

A good documentary movie if you want to find something different than the common movies that you watched and download. But you know what, in the movie, they interviewed many people on how often they ate McD. There were 2 black teenagers with a muscular body whom ate more than 5 times a week. They quoted that 'man, after you ate them man, you just need to do some push-up, dance and dunk the ball man. I'm healthy'. 

Hence, the thing I believe which is "You are not what you eat. But what after you eat" seems to be a good thing you should believe.


zella y said…
btul la tu...
mkn ape2 pn benda yg dh di proses mcm daging tu mmg elok...
Masy said…
oo ingtkan entry utk nuffnang ehehehhehe
syah shah said…
processed food, fast food, memang bad for health... it is always better to make it on your own... :D :D
Ann said…
aku dh lame x mkn mcd...wpon tergoda ngn iklan2 yg de..
HEMY said…
makan la camne skali apa kita buat lepas tu yg penting...haaa...
CAHAYA said…
Aku dah lama tak makan fastfood. Dah kembang kot tekak nak makan burger.
Kniedaz said…
beli happy meal je sebab nak menan.. hahaha...
but actually kalau makan setiap hari 3 kali sehari, big portion memanglah jadi macam tu..tak payah 30 hari, 2 hari dah muak dah
one_are said…
good entry, ada juga tengok di youtube video macam ni, dia simpan semua makanan tu dalam balang and burger tu semua lambat rosak dan yang paling lambat rosak adalah fries. bayangkan kita makan kentang tu hari ni, 3bulan kemudian baru fries tu dapat dicerna.
Aku prefer Kenny Rogers. Yummy! Good sharing bro.